Thursday, September 6, 2012

Egg Sandwich

These sandwiches can be prepared easily.Today I made these egg sandwiches for breakfast.It makes a healthy and filling breakfast for kids.Or can be used as a snack when they return from school.So here I go with the recipe...

Bread            10 slices
Eggs(hard boiled)      4
Onion                      4 (chopped)
Green chilly             2 (slit )
Pepper powder        11/2 tsp
Oil                  1 tbsp
Salt                According to taste
curry leaves     2 sprig

-Remove the egg shell and cut the eggs (each half into four pieces)
-Heat oil in a pan.
-Add the chopped onion,green chilly,salt and pepper powder.
-Add curry leaves and saute till onion becomes transparent.
-Remove from fire.
-Now taking one bread slice,spread the onion mix,on top add the egg pieces ,again on top add little onion mix and cover it with another bread slice
-Repeat this with all the bread slices.
-Now place them on the ' Sandwich Maker', till its done.Serve.

*If health conscious,you can remove the egg yolk and just use egg white as filling.
*If you don't have a Sandwich Maker ,you can just heat the bread first on a pan (with or without  butter) and then make the sandwich.

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