Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Apple Pear Smoothie

Ramadan Kareem to all ...Once again we  are blessed to enter the holy month of Ramadan Alhamdulillah.Due to the tight schedule of Ramadan days it's a little hard to blog something.Today we have reached the 9th day of fasting which leaves only one more day to complete the first ten of this blessed month.How fast!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Mango Salsa

When the 'King of fruits' -Mangoes are in season ..its like Mangoes every where and in every thing.I have already posted a Mango Lassi and a Mango Cake Roll long time back.
This time I was lucky enough to get both the raw and ripe ones from India grown from Umma's garden.My hubby when returning from India after a two weeks trip and also my Dad came here for a two weeks stay,both of them came with loads of Mangoes.Umma was also very happy she could sent them because such things could not be sent with other relatives due to the weight.And getting something from our own garden is totally different from what we purchase(now a days mainly health wise).However, my little boy just don't like eating this fruit...his selecting and eating habits sometimes make me go crazy hehe....

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