Sunday, December 4, 2016


Muttayappam very commonly known as Muttasurka or Muttasirka in our homeland;is one of the traditional recipe of the North Malabar.This is served mostly as a breakfast with a non veg curry.This is prepared by blending egg and rice and then frying.This is also made without eggs and sometimes cooked in Kaara/aebleskive pan and used as snacks.I have already posted the Kaara appam

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Vazha Koombu Chemmeen Thoran/Banana Flower-Prawns StirFry

I know my previous post was also a Thoran/Stir fry,but I wanted to post this one earlier but somehow I completely missed it.This thoran is made with the the banana blossom,it's called as the ''Heart of a Banana tree''.In Kerala mostly all the houses have a Banana tree.Even in my house back home there are a few Banana trees,the ones with those small Bananas mainly.The whole gardening credit goes to my Umma who has a real passion for it.But now a days she can't take much effort into this passion (health wise).

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