Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pomegranate - Pineapple Salad

Today is the 10th of February and yes time for our MFB Challenge.Actually my last post was also for this Challenge,then I had gone to India and was back only 3 weeks back,and the hangover has not yet left but I didn't want to miss this easy Challenge.This time it was to prepare something with Rumaan yes Pomegranate,which is a fruit mentioned in the Quran.Other than the peeling part,which now a days has many easy steps,this fruit is a jewel with its lovely bright colour and it's health benefits. Not going into so much of chat now straight to the recipe which is so easy to put in together with an easy dressing and just serve.
You can add in some other fruits or veggies to make it more colorful.I already have some recipes with Pomegranate like the Pomegranate Milkshake,Pomegranate juice,and Salads like this, this and this one.
Pomegranate kernels  1 cup
Pineapple cubed  1 cup
Green Capsicum  1 small chopped
Pepper powder   1/4 tsp or more
Salt  as needed
Olive oil  1 tsp
Lemon juice 1 tsp (optional)
-Add everything in a bowl and mix well.


  1. Love it! pine apple and pomegranate , two of my favorite fruits.

  2. Ah, feels like a sweet fruit salad for me! Yum... I would've drizzled some honey into it too... hehe...

  3. Loving all those salad bowls! Looks perfect

  4. Loving the combination of pineapple and pomegranate! This would be delicious during the hot summer days of Ramadan!

  5. Nothing like a bowl of good old fruit salad. I can live off fruit salads and this one looks so beautiful :)

  6. I love those colors, what a lovely dish☺☺

  7. Wow! Refreshing and colorful salad!

  8. wow! refreshing and colorful salad!

  9. colorful salad.............Perfect for this summer.


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