Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Apple Sago Kheer/Apple Sago Payasam

Today's recipe is a delicious Kheer/Payasam with the main ingredients Sago seeds and Apples.Actually this was there in my drafts from Eid .But due to some reasons I couldn't post it at that time,and after that I completely forgot about this.And today in between some images when I saw these images I remembered.You can prepare this ahead for any get together parties or festivals in bulk;this tastes perfect the next day.

Milk       1 litre 
Condensed milk     1/2 tin
Sugar           2 tbsp
Sago seeds    1/2 cup
Apples          2 (peeled and grated)
-In a saucepan heat milk.When the milk becomes a little warm add the sago seeds and keep stirring on medium flame.Let it boil.
-Once boiled add the condensed milk and sugar.Mix well.
-The sago seeds will get cooked and become soft by this time.At that point keep the flame at the lowest or switch off the flame and then peel and grate the apples.Immediately add it to the kheer and let it boil for 2-3 minutes.Mix well.
-Switch off the flame and serve.Tastes best when cooled.
*Don't peel and grate the Apple in the beginning stage,do it only towards the end as the colour will change.Keep the flame at the lowest while grating the Apples so that the the kheer doesn't get burned.If you have a helping hand in kitchen then let the other person do the grating part while you keep stirring.
*Once grated,add it to the kheer immediately.
*If the kheer turns too thick then increase the amount of milk.
*You can add or minus the amount of sugar as per sweet tooth.


  1. I love those pearls looking out... so pretty!

  2. yummy payasam. adding apples in payasam never tried. good idea

  3. kheer looks so delish...adding apple makes it more yumm

  4. Kheer I know but with apples? That is such a perfect thing. I love the perfectness of this kheer.

  5. Never tried payasam with sago and apple..looks inviting..yum yum

  6. Apple in payasam is such an awesome idea. Delicious!

  7. Kheer with apples.. Such an innovative share..

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