Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prawns/Chemmeen Macaroni Masala

I have made this macaroni in a masala style and made using Prawns.You can use Chicken also. It can be used as a one pot meal.For this you need
1.Macaroni          1 pack (400 g)
2.Prawns             300 g
  Kashmiri red Chilly powder   2 tsp
  Salt       as needed
  Oil         for shallow frying
3.Onion               4 (sliced)
4.Tomato            2 small (diced)
5.Capsicum         1 big (diced into 1/2 ''pieces)
6.Ginger              11/2'' piece
7.Garlic                6 cloves
8.Green chilly        3-4
9.Tomato ketchup   2-3 tbsp
10.Fennel seeds powder  1 tsp
11.Turmeric powder       1 tsp
12.Garam masala           1 tsp
13.Salt                   as needed
14.Oil                   2 tbsp + 2tsp
-Cook macaroni adding 2 tsp of oil,enough salt and 1 tsp turmeric powder.When cooked drain the water and keep the cooked pasta aside(follow the pack instruction for the amount of water to be used)
-Marinate the prawns with chilly powder and salt for 10 minutes and then shallow fry.Once done,drain the oil and keep the fried prawns aside.
-Grind ingredients 6,7 & 8 together and keep aside.
-Heat oil in a non stick pan.
-Add the onions and a little salt and saute for sometime (till the onions are done)
-Add the ground paste and mix well.
-Now add the tomatoes saute for a minute and add the diced capsicum.Mix well.
-When the tomatoes become soft add the tomato ketchup,fennel seed powder and the garam masala.Saute well.
-Now add in the macaroni and the fried prawns.Give a good mix,cover and keep on low flame for a minute.
-Switch off the flame and serve...
*If you prefer this a little more spicy you can add a little pepper powder.


  1. Delicious... Looks so colourful and interesting Ruxana :-)

  2. Omg, my fav prawn..yummy yum, I'm in..

  3. Good twist to a western dish, localized with spices and prawns. This is what cooking is all about, being creative and bringing on new recipes.

  4. Macaroni with prawns looks so delicious.

    Happy Vishu.

  5. It makes me drooling . So yuumy

  6. Sounds delish Ruxana. Would be perfect as a one pot meal :)

  7. Looks delicious, but never tried macaroni with shrimp...

  8. Me drooling here.. wonderful combo..

  9. Prawns and macroni is my alll time fav combination :D u reminded me of this and certainly i shall tell my mom to make it any of these days soon :)

    Wonderful :) i have a similar food blog too :) Do check it when free

    Im a new blogger in search of new blogger friends :) Do follow me back or add me to your circle will be glad to have a new frnd out there

  10. what a great combination,yummy!!

  11. I am drooling!!! looks great...

  12. Wonderful combo dear. Maccaroni looks mouthwatering.

    today's post:

  13. Delicious combination, looks tempting!

  14. Delicious preparation...bursting with flavors...

  15. Prawn & mac.. I love both.. Lovely combo !!

  16. Sumptious meal.. love prawns in any dish..

  17. WOW..looks fantastic..great clicks

  18. something that kids can definitely gobble up for sure. gud one. Also, do feel free to drop by my new blog - pick quicks when u get the time...glad if u wud be a follower there as well.

  19. That looks fantastic, tempting & yummy flavors!

  20. Wow! Prawns in pasta-Great idea! :)


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