Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ozhicha Mutta Curry/Egg Drop Curry/Broken egg Curry

This is one curry which ummi used to make often for breakfast in India when in a hurry or when there is no vegetable sides.That is when she forgets to soak the chick peas or there is no Potatoes or Paneer to cook something easy.For breakfast always its a vegetable curry or varieties of egg curry because its Appam Poori Puttu...dishes in that line which is mostly accompanied with these sort of curries.
Eggs  3-4
Onion  1 large finely chopped
Tomato  1 large ''        ''
Ginger garlic paste  1/2 tsp
Green chilly    2 slit
Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp
Chilly powder      1 tsp
Coriander powder   2 tsp
Garam masala     1/2 tsp
Water      11/2 cup
Coconut milk   3/4 cup(thick)
Oil   11/2 tbsp
Salt    to taste
Curry leaves  a few

-Heat a wok and add oil.Add in the chopped onion,chillies and curry leaves.Stir and add the ginger-garlic paste.
-When the onion turns translucent add the tomatoes.
-When the tomatoes turn mushy add in the chilly,coriander and turmeric powder and mix well.
-Now add water and salt.Let the gravy boil.
-Crack open the eggs one at a time and slowly drop into the boiling gravy.Be careful to drop each egg at different sides (not on top of one another)
-Without disturbing the yolks let it cook for 2 minutes,till the down part becomes firm.Then slowly flip and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
-Add in the Garam masala and the Coconut milk and when it boils switch off the flame. 


  1. This is such an easy curry, delicious with plain bread, right...

  2. yummm,.... this is such a nice and simple recipe and new way to cook eggs :)

  3. yummy curry.quick and easy too .my mother in law makes like this

  4. Egg curry such as this one I know will always be a seller. I love.

  5. remember this having it as a child... one of my mom's quick curry

  6. That one dish I should try ... bookmarking it...they would pair so good with chapathi

  7. We love egg curries here and I am sure, this recipe makes a great curry. Lovely share.


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