Monday, September 22, 2014

Elaneer Juice/Tender Coconut Juice

Today's post is a simple refreshing juice made from a natural drink,an all time favorite of many,mine for sure :)...Yes, guessed it right...tender coconut.Love both the water and the pulp to the core.This time we were lucky enough to be in India at the harvesting time.So tender coconuts were in bulk specially for me and my children.Long back when we were kids and used to go on summer vacations we would really wait for the harvest or used to enjoy these from the road side sellers.As we all know it tastes real nice as it is; but we had these in bulk,so I tried making juice and pudding for a change.Now on to the recipe:

Tender Coconut        2 (water along with the soft pulp scooped)
Sugar                        2-3 spoonful / according to your taste
Condensed Milk        1 tbsp(optional)
Ice cubes                   a few
-Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.
-Pour into the serving glasses and serve :)


  1. even i love this when pulsed... kothiyavunnu...

  2. wow nice twist to tender coconut water...

  3. Its long time I had tender coconut water, its getting expensive day by day too!! Will try sometime Insha Allah

  4. such a refreshing and healthy coconut juice

  5. I love it without any added refreshing!

  6. Lovely & refreshing juice......................

  7. loves dat tender coconut to eat,but never had juice

  8. Refreshing juice! Perfect for a hot summer day!


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