Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aval/Beaten Rice Flakes Roasted

This is a very simple snack specially for those of you who like something sweet and crunchy...

Aval/Beaten rice flakes/Poha       2 cups
Sugar                             3 tbsp
Ghee                             11/2 tbsp
-Heat a pan and add all the three ingredients.
-Cook on medium flame by stirring constantly.Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves completely and coat the rice flakes.
-Off the flame when the Aval turns crisp.
-Ready to serve the sweet crunchy beaten rice flakes.

*Be careful not to burn the rice flakes.It takes around 5 to 7 minutes to make this.

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  1. Ohhhh!!! One of my fav is aval but these days its hard to come by at my place. The simplicity of this recipe is amazing, the lovely ghee flavored roast.

    1. Thanks Nava..And yes, its so simple and my fav too :)

  2. Delicious and really nice twist.

  3. love all kind of aval recipe...lovely dish

  4. An easy & healthy eve snack :)

  5. Easy, quick and healthy snacks..

  6. One delicious and healthy snack, love it dear...

  7. Roasted rice flakes looks so crispy :) an delicious and healthy snack to munch :)

  8. oh wow !!!! this is a must try...planning to do it with old fashioned rolled oats..let me see if it will work out. thanks for the idea . Feel free to drop by mine too when you get the time.


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