Saturday, January 20, 2018

Zanjabeel Haleeb - Ginger Milk

Today's recipe is a simple drink specially made during winter evenings to keep you warm.I had this milk first from my brother-in-laws house at a family get together.It was during last winter.It was a windy day and by night it rained.
After lunch all the men went out for some meeting and came back late evening and all were feeling very cold.So my hubby's brother told us ladies to prepare this,he told prepare 'Zanjabeel' and I was confused.My co-sister then told me it was this milk drink with the addition of Ginger.As the members were large we had to peel and chop the ginger in bulk,but the drink did keep us warm.
Zanjabeel is the Arabic term used for Ginger and Haleeb means Milk.Also the term Zanjabeel is used in the Quran as one of the flavors of the drinks given in Jannah:
''And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger."(76 : 17) 
Ginger helps in keeping the body warm and also helps in digestion.Now on to the recipe.
Milk     2 cups
Ginger finely chopped   11/2 tbsp
Honey  2 tsp
Method of cooking
-In a sauce pan add the milk and the chopped ginger.Keep stirring till the milk starts boiling.
-Once boiled switch off the flame and strain the milk into the serving cups.Add honey and serve.

*Do not add ginger paste or crushed ginger,it might curdle the milk.Also keep stirring till the milk boils.
*Adding honey is optional.


  1. Looks like a perfect drink for cold winter weather.

  2. SubhanAllah! Thank you for sharing this! Must make... I am sure it is a part of the local drinks over here too...

  3. This recipe is easy and I love ginger drink. I think ginger milk drink will be nice and warm too.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful drink for the winter!

  5. that sounds nice and a soothing drink for this cold winter weather...good one

  6. Yes please. I want this hot drink.

  7. Refreshing and yummy drink,will surely try


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