Sunday, January 7, 2018

Chicken Majboos

Two weeks with parents just passed away so quickly,just like blinking of the eyes.Also it's already past a week after the new year.My Facebook friends know how the last week turned out with my parents all of a sudden ,my Dad being sick.
My Dad makes his visit to Doha every six months.This time there was a surprise for us because Ummi had also accompanied him.We(me and my hubby) came to know this just a week before but I didn't tell my children.They were eagerly waiting for their grandpa at the airport and all of a sudden they see their grandma too haha.My little one once seeing my ummi from far said look she looks like ummama(grandma),but I kept quite and later he asked me you didn't tell me even after I recognized her.
So with my parents 1st week was full time visitors and with whatever time left we went out visiting places and purchasing.The last time Ummi had come here was eight or nine years back,she found a vast difference from what she had seen last.
During one of our visits we went to a nearby 'Souq'(Market) which was built in a traditional way.There were many mini shops and food courts a few opened and yet many more to open within few months.While passing those shops,mainly every shop was selling Abhayas,Shawls and other types of cloth materials...suddenly we passed through a shop with a lovely aroma,it didn't surprise us to see the shop filled with all varieties of spices.They had all sorts of masala powders freshly ground from there itself.Usually I buy my Arabic masala and dry fruits from another Souq (called as the Irani souq)which is a little far away and the worst part going there is 'Traffic and No parking'.So finding this shop was actually a great relief for me.
Now on to today's recipe, it's a Chicken Majboos made using the Arabic masala brought from there.Majboos is a traditional  Middle Eastern rice dish mixed with any meat or fish.
Basmati rice 3 cups
Water  5 cups
Chicken 1.2 kg(cut into big pieces or medium size)
Arabic Masala powder/Majboos powder  2 tbsp
Dried Lemon 2
Onion 1 large sliced
Tomato 2 large chopped
Ginger  a small piece 1/2 inch
Garlic  4-5 cloves 
Green chilly  3 
Carrot  1 medium (cut into cubes)
Potato   1 small  (cut into cubes)
Oil   2 -3 spoon

-Wash the rice well and soak it for 30 minutes.
-Grind together the ginger garlic and green chillies.
-Heat oil in a pan and add the sliced onion.Saute well and add the ginger-garlic and green chilly paste.
-Now add the tomatoes and cook till mushy.
-Now add the Arabic masala and the turmeric powder.
-Add salt and the chicken pieces.Mix everything well.Let the chicken pieces cook till half done.
-When the Pieces are half done remove each piece into a bowl.
- Add water to rest of the masala along with the dried lemon.Cover it with a lid  and let it boil.
-In the meantime grill the chicken pieces in a Griller or an oven (if you don't have both you can simply shallow fry the pieces in a pan with minimal oil on your Stove top).When cooked completely remove the pieces and keep aside.
-When the water boils add the carrot and potato cubes along with the drained rice.Stir and check the salt.Cover and let the rice cook.
-Once the water is absorbed flip the rice.Keep covered for 15 to 20 minutes.Then open the lid flip the rice once more and add the chicken pieces and off the flame.
-Serve hot with any Raita and Salata-Hara.


  1. Looks like the Briyani Rice with Chicken dish that we are used to here.

  2. So good to know you had some lovely time with your parents... Somehow time with them just flies off, alle? The machboos looks so good... I make mine whenever I crave for them. Your recipe sounds simple and easy too...

  3. Looks good .. I wonder where to get these Arabic masalas

  4. This is super yummy! Looks delicious. Your post made me hungry now. hehe.
    Have a great day :)

  5. This flavoured rice is very interesting. what are the spices hidden in the MAjoobs masala?

  6. Tempting. Rice is always my love.

  7. A creative and delicious rice dish is always welcome in our home, and yours is superb!


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