Monday, October 19, 2015

Plantain Halwa/Kerala Banana Halwa/Nenthra Pazham Halwa

I have already posted a Halwa,Pumpkin Halwa,in my blog.Today's recipe is again another delicious Halwa...Banana(Plantain) Halwa which requires very little ingredients.Putting together all the ingredients takes very little time but a little patience is needed for the cooking which consumes time.I usually prepare this when nobody is at home, listening to something on my mobile,spooning little little from the halwa onto a small plate and eating (licking my finger)in between from that plate and suddenly the halwa is all ready,see how quick and interesting :) 

The main ingredients is the over ripe Kerala Bananas Plantains/Nenthrapazham.It should be over ripe,ha so now no worries seeing over ripe plantains lying on your countertop, you can prepare this delicious halwa.
Ripe Plantains/Nenthrapazham   1 kg
Sugar                 13/4 cup
Ghee                  3 tbsp + for frying the nuts and greasing 
Oil                     3 tbsp
Cardamom         3-4
Cashew nuts      a few chopped 
Water                less than 1/4 cup
-Fry the cashew nuts in a little ghee till light brown and keep this aside.
-Cut the Plantains/Nenthrapazham into pieces.
-In a blender add these pieces along with sugar, water and cardamom. Blend till smooth.
-Now heat a heavy bottomed vessel (uruli) or nonstick pan on medium flame.
-Add oil  and a little ghee and pour the blended Banana paste.
-Keep stirring for sometime.
-After some time the mixture will start thickening from the watery stage and at this level start adding ghee so that it does not stick to the bottom.
-The color will change from pale to dark, leaving the sides of the pan ,at that time add the fried cashew nuts and stir a little more till brownish color and off the flame.
-Transfer the halwa to a greased plate and level the top with the back of a greased spoon.
-When cooled cut into pieces and serve.

*You can omit oil and completely use ghee for the recipe.
*Be careful to use over ripe bananas not the rotten ones.


  1. very delicious! Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe :) Have a good day!

  2. I have some over ripe nentrapazham in my fridge that I totally forgot about and was thinking what to do with it... Just in time! Will make this...

  3. First time I have seen or hearing about banana halwa

    1. Thanks Nammi...Do try making you will just love it :)

  4. Very interesting invention. Never knew about plantain for halwa but now I sure see the delicious outcome.

  5. Seeing ethapazham halwa I am drooling here. Sometimes I make just for myself eat. :)

    1. Thanks Meena....Me too whenever I see 1 or 2 ripe ones I crave for this halwa and keep it there itself for 2 more days just to prepare this halwa all for myself hehe...

  6. I have tried Banana halwa but with ripe plaintain should try..looks yummy dear

  7. Plantain halwa looks delicious.

  8. What a lovely looking halwa.. never tasted banana halwa

  9. I have never tasted this, the halwa looks delicious..

  10. superrr .... thanks for ur message in my space happy to follow you

  11. Halwa looks delicious...perfectly made:)

  12. halwa is truly tempting me ...lovely share


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