Monday, June 17, 2019

Nutty Pudding / Cashew Nut Pudding

Hello everybody!I am here after the Eid celebration.I wanted to post this pudding during Eid but couldn't because this time eid was declared very late so got busy with the sudden eid preparations.Everything was done in a hurry-burry from cleaning,ironing to the morning preparations.But Alhamdulillah everything went fine,and we reached on time for the Eid prayers :).Also enjoyed two bus trips with family and friends the after days..
Today's recipe as mentioned is a delicious melt in mouth pudding with those slight nutty bites.A simple agar agar milk pudding with cashew nuts.Whenever we crave for an agar agar pudding ,this is the one we often make and add a praline topping.So here goes the recipe:
Milk  4 cups
Agar agar (china grass) 10 g
Condensed Milk  1 tin
Sugar   3-4  tbsp or as per taste
Water    1/2 Cup
Cashew nuts 50-60 g
For The Praline Topping 
Cashew nuts  25 g
Sugar  3 tbsp

-Dry roast the cashew nuts for a minute and then powder it using a blender.
-Cut the China grass stripes into small pieces.Wash and then squeeze to remove the excess water.In a sauce pan add this along with 1/2 cup water and let it melt completely.Keep stirring at intervals. 
-Meanwhile in another large saucepan add milk,condensed milk and sugar.Keep this on medium flame.Let it boil.Again,keep stirring so that it does not get burnt.
-Once the China grass has melted completely,off the flame and add this to the boiling milk mixture.
-Also add the roasted and powdered cashew nuts.Mix well using whisk.Make sure there are no lumps.Now switch off the flame.
-Pour this mixture into a pudding tray and allow it to set.
-To prepare the praline: Heat a pan and add sugar. Let the sugar melt and start to boil. Reduce the heat and when the sugar turns golden in color. Switch off the flame, add the Cashew nuts and mix well and pour the whole mixture on a greased counter top or aluminium foil. Once it is completely cooled, break them to pieces or crush them in a blender.
-Now spread this on top of the set Nutty Pudding.Cut into desired shape and serve cold.
                        Do try and let me know :)


  1. They are easy to make and looks so rich and yum :)

  2. This is one pudding I have been craving to make since long! I even bought agar agar but now have to search where I have kept it... hehe... good to know you had a good Eid. Agree, it was declared so late, just drove everybody off the frenzy...

  3. I hate when that happens. You get the unexpected " its eid tomorrow" and everyone panics right? LOL
    Pudding sounds very interesting

  4. Looks so good... I never tried milk puddings you know ...


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