Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coffee MilkShake

Now here the summer is at its peak.Every time the refrigerator is open and shut for sipping juices or lemonades by the kids.I usually prepare something which can be consumed for 2-3 days  like the puddings or fruit salads,which can cool ourselves.
-Cashew nut Pudding
-Tender Coconut Pudding
-Apple Sago Kheer
-Rice Kheer
I am usually a Coffee person.Though tea is made always for my family excluding my younger ones,whenever I am in a mood to fresh myself or making a morning/evening drink just for my self  and I am in a mood to stretch myself and enjoy a warm drink I always go for coffee.I drink tea but rarely a milk tea and mostly it's Sulaimani (black tea).Now due to the high humidity nobody wants a warm or hot drink,so I have changed my hot Coffee to a cold one,a milkshake and now my whole family loves it!
Now let me remind you all today is the 10th of the month and as usual the day for our MFB Challenge.The theme given this time is to prepare 'thirst quenchers'.The ones I prepare in a jiff are with Watermelon like this one and this or simple lemonades or fruit lemonades like this one and this one.Also I do prepare Milkshakes like these
Now on to the simple recipe of Coffee Milkshake.

Instant Coffee powder  3/4 to1 tsp(according to the taste and flavor you prefer,I used Nescafe)
Hot water 3 tbsp
Chilled Milk 250 ml
Sugar 2-3 tsp
-Dissolve the Coffee powder in hot water.
-Now in a blender add the milk,sugar and the coffee concoction and blend till smooth.
-Pour into the glass and enjoy.

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  1. I agree! Instead of buying it hot, I buy cold coffee now... coffee kickumaayi, coldum aayi... hehe... I would love a glass of that... yum!

  2. Nothing to beat the heat and lift the spirits like a cold coffee. Looks yum :)

  3. Yumm. I love a glass of cold coffee!

  4. Milkshake is anytime welcome :)

  5. Hubby and I are coffee persons and I love chilled coffee too.

  6. milkshake looks delicious a good drink for the summer

  7. A delicious way indeed to beat the heat. So good!

  8. It's the season for cold coffee on repeat!

  9. Cold coffee milkshake looks delicious... will try it soon...


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