Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweet And Sour Bitter Gourd/Pavakka Side Dish

I never liked this vegetable in any form unless my mother started preparing it this way.The addition of tomatoes and sugar along with the tamarind extraction  puts down the bitterness of this vegetable.
1.Bitter gourd         1 medium size(finely chopped)
2.Onion                   1 big           (      ''          ''  )
3.Tomatoes             2 med.        (''        ''      )
4.Garlic cloves                 3         (''        ''      )
5.Green Chilly                  2 slit lengthwise
6.Kashmiri chilly powder    3/4 tsp
7.Turmeric powder             1/2 tsp
8.Tamarind                        lemon size(soaked in 1/4 cup water)
9.Water                          1/2 cup
10.Sugar                          1 tbsp                                
11.Fenugreek powder      a pinch
12.Coconut grated            1/4 cup
13.Salt                             as needed
14.Mustard seeds             1 tsp
15.Oil                              1 1/2 tbsp
-Squeeze the tamarind and extract juice from it. 
-Heat a pressure cooker, add oil and splutter the mustard seeds.
-Add the chopped onion,garlic and green chilly.Saute for a minute.
-Now add the tomatoes and again saute for a minute.
-Add the chopped bitter gourd,chilly powder,turmeric powder,sugar and salt.
-Mix well and add tamarind juice and water.
-Close the lid put on the weight and cook till done(2 whistles) 
-When cooled open the lid add fenugreek powder and grated coconut and cook for a minute.
-Serve hot with white rice.

  *If you want you can use a piece of jaggery instead of adding sugar. 
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  1. my most fav veggie:)super and looks delicious:)

  2. this veg never been in my list of vegetables..but this recipe makes me drooling bcoz i always luv the combination sweet n sour :)

  3. Yummy and very flavorful recipe.

    today's recipe:

  4. Different style....looks too good....:-)

  5. looks so yummy .. bitter gourd is our family's fav

  6. top ofthe chart veg. very nice. do visit my space too.

  7. Looks yummy and healthy..we call it ghassi.

  8. Totally drooling here !!! This looks amazing :)

  9. I have few biiter gourd in my fridge was thinking what to do ok ya let me try it thanks for sharing dear.

  10. Looks delicious and healthy!!
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  11. Looks yummy..perfect side dish..

  12. Last click too good. My enemy veg but I must have it as its so healthy. Luv your version.

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  14. interesting recipe,sounds very delicious...Started following u, wud be glad if u can follow back too...

  15. Really a nice dish...nice blog too...Happy to Follow you Dear....

  16. Nice and healthy.
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  17. Me too.. I like it this way. Mom makes a similar preparation. Now I make my kids too have it.

  18. Looks delicious, I make it similarly but I add jaggery instead of sugar, it tastes good too :)

  19. Thanks for visiting my place, biter gourd curry looks yum, ive made something similar with Bottle gourd :)

  20. Hi Ruxana.
    Thanks for visiting my space. Loved your bitter gourd. Happy to follow you too

  21. seems delicious..thanks for sharing :)

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