Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Scrambled Egg-Easy Breakfast Idea

After an elaborate previous post-Fish Biriyani ,here I have come up with an easy peasy recipe.A breakfast you can make in a jiffy,with the main ingredient which is always in your refrigerator.Actually I don't know why I am giving so much of introduction to our very own Humpty dumpty hehe...
Scrambled Egg filled in bread or bun is something I started having from my school days and now have this on weekends when I get up late or not in a mood to make an elaborate dish.I have already posted another easy recipe using hard boiled egg Spicy Egg Fry. Now on to this simple recipe:
Eggs               3-4
Onion             1 large chopped
Tomato           1  chopped 
Green Chilly   2-3 slit 
Oil                  2 tsp
Salt                 as needed
-Break the eggs into a bowl ,add salt and slightly beat this and keep aside.
-Heat a pan and add oil.
-When the oil turns hot add in the chopped onions.When the onion turns transparent add the green chillies and the tomatoes and saute.
-After a minute add in the egg mixture and stir continuously till the egg gets cooked and scrambled.Serve :)


  1. This is easily my favorite breakfast, we make this almost every Saturday, but now since I can't have eggs, I don't make it for myself... Try spluttering some mustard in the beginning... :)

  2. I love to make this but my son don't likes eggs that much so I have to compromise...bread and egg always a great combination

  3. Love this easy peasy and delicious breakfast.

  4. Love it. Simple healthy breakfast

  5. Always a fav, simple yet one which I can't resist. In fact, I can eat this scrambled eggs just like just as a snack.

  6. This actually can be a great lunch too. It looks very tasty and healthy.

  7. Eggs for breakfast are always a good idea for not feeling hungry. This is a lovely recipe.

  8. this is easy quick and healthy too...loved it totally

  9. I dont mind eggs its getting my eldest son to eat the eggs thats the challenge. this looks really delicious


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