Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gothambu SharkkaraChoru /Wheat Kheer(Payasam)

After a few posts on side dishes ,today here I am with a sweet dish,Wheat Payasam.But unlike other Payasam /Kheer there is no adding of ghee-fried cashews or raisins...On whole,there is no use of ghee in this recipe.Long back I had posted another filling dish with wheat popularly known as Aleesa in our part of North Malabar which became one of my hit posts.Now this is also a filling dish by itself specially for kids.

This is called as Gothambu SharkkaraChoru in some parts of the Kannur side,and used to be prepared on some special occasions.On to the recipe:
Wheat     2 cups
Water      7-8 cups + 3/4 cup for melting jaggery
Jaggery    600 gms
Channa Dal(cooked)   3/4 cup(Optional)
Coconut milk (thick)     11/2 cup 
Coconut milk (thin)       31/2 cups
Salt     1/4 tsp
Cardamom      3-4 pods
-In a saucepan melt Jaggery with 3/4 cup of water.Strain and keep aside.
-Boil water in a deep vessel and add the washed wheat and the Cardamom pods or you can Pressure cook it till the grains are cooked well.
-Once the water is reduced and the wheat is well cooked add in the cooked dal,salt and the jaggery syrup.Mix well.Let the wheat,Dal and jaggery blend well.
-Once it thickens add the second extract of coconut milk.Again keep stirring till it thickens.
-Now pour in the first extract of the coconut milk and mix well.When it starts to boil switch off the flame.
-It gets thicker as it cools down.

*I haven't used Channa dal here but would suggest you to add.
* When the Kheer thickens there is a tendency of burning ,so be careful and keep stirring.


  1. Wheat payasam is a true delicacy .
    Love it

  2. Looks very delicious and inviting.

  3. Kheer is always a delight to my taste-buds, this one is included as well.

  4. My granny used to make wheat kheer but she used sugar as a sweetener. Yours look droolicious. Will give it a go! :)

  5. I make this every second Friday for breakfast... so easy it gets done, if I don't forget to soak the gothambu... hehe...

  6. We have something similar in Sindhi Cuisine too.. Love it.

  7. Looks tempting...Umma prepare this payasam instead of jaggery she adds sugar.


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