Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chakkakuru/Jack Fruit Seed Fry

Jack fruit is in season now.When Jack fruits are flooded in houses people try different versions with that.Some even preserve it for later use.Also the seeds are used in different recipes.
In our place;houses do not have much of this tree.You could find more of Coconut trees but not this one.Now there are a few houses with one or two trees but the fruit might be of low quality.But we do get it from sellers ,Some come in mini lorries and sell on roadways etc.And picking up the right fruit (quality-taste )every thing depends on luck.Today's  recipe is a simple one with using the seeds...On to the recipe
Jack fruit seed    1 cup (skin removed)
Chilly powder    1-11/2 tsp (I used Kashmiri chilly powder)
Salt      as needed
Roasted Cumin seeds powder   1/4 tsp (optional)
Water   3-4 tbsp 
Curry leaves  a few
Oil      for shallow frying
-Slit each seed into 2-3 pieces.
-In a bowl add all the ingredients except oil.Mix well.
-Heat a frying pan and add oil.When the oil turns hot add the marinated seeds.
-Keep covered and fry on a low flame till cooked.
-Stir once or twice in between.
-Drain oil and transfer into kitchen tissue.Serve as a vegetarian fry with rice.


  1. What a simple and delicious fry. Loving it.

  2. I know how it grandmother use to prepare different varieties of jackfruit dishes.

  3. You know, whenever I buy jackfruit, I treasure the seeds. Just boiled and munch, ah, so good. This version of yours certainly a lovely way of elevating the seeds further. Awesome idea.

  4. Nice space , and chakka kurru is my favorite weakness

  5. Uff looks yummm.Totally agree nalla chakka is mere luck these days.

  6. I like that Ruxana... a bit of hardwork to clean the seeds but worth it.

  7. Great idea to use jack fruit seeds....nice share


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