Saturday, March 10, 2018

Aloo Chapathi

How fast the time flies,from one challenge we have reached to the next 10th of the month's challenge.That reminds me just after two months its Ramadan Alhamdulillah..This time the theme was to prepare any breakfast.Though we all know how important it is to have  breakfast but its the one meal mostly skipped.I always feel there is enough time to have breakfast in India rather than compared to Doha.Specially for the school going children and working people,who have to go very early in the morning here.If children find eating things difficult early in the morning then the best part is to give them  something healthy in their tiffin.

I usually give them sandwiches and any of their favorite fruits.And sometimes its this Aloo(Potato) Chapathi which is similar to Aloo Paratha but an easier version you can say.Easier in the sense there is no filling and double rolling.Here everything is put together and kneaded  and then rolled and made  the same way like our regular chapathis.There is no need to add water because the moisture from the Potatoes would be enough.This is very soft and stays soft for a long time.You don't need a curry as a side dish,just pickles,Raita or salads will do.

Potato   2 medium size(approx. 450 g)
Wheat flour  11/2 cups + a little more
Carrot(finely grated)   1/4 cup  (optional)
Coriander leaves(finely chopped)   2 tbsp 
Salt  as needed
Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp
Roasted Cumin seeds powder  1/4 tsp
Oil    as needed
Method of Cooking
-Cook the Potatoes in a pressure cooker for two whistles or you can boil them in a sauce pan till soft.
-Mash the potatoes well and add the all the powders,salt, grated carrot and chopped coriander leaves.Mix every thing well.
-Lastly add the Wheat powder and 1 tbsp of Oil and Knead well into a tight dough,you can add more Wheat flour if it's sticky.
-Once kneaded pinch out medium sized balls and roll into Chapathis.It should neither be too thick or too thin.
-Heat a pan and when its hot enough put the rolled chapathi on it.When you see small bubbles here and there,flip it for 1 or 2 minutes.Brush a little oil on it and again flip it once more and press gently and remove it on to a plate.
-Repeat it the same way with rest of the dough and serve with your favorite salads,pickles or Raita.


  1. Like the idea of adding in the aloo and mixing it all together... less work than the parathas and would be flavorful too... lovely breakfast recipe dear...

  2. Lovely share and a nice variation from Aloo Paratha.. Will try this out.. Yummy..

  3. This is so much easier than making the aloo paratha. Since potatoes are healthy for breakfast, I will surely be trying these!

  4. This must be a favorite with kids. Easy way to add some vegetable to the roti!

  5. I make my aloo parathas like this to mix in the flour..looks yummy

  6. Oh yumm.... I have to give this a try looks delicious!

  7. Potatoes showcased in any dish is mine, including in this aloo chapathi.

  8. This is such a comforting breakfast...potato is one of my favorite as breakfast.

  9. Such a different take on Aloo Paratha!! Loved idea of mixing wheat flour and aloo together..


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