Thursday, February 22, 2018

Custard Apple Milkshake

Have you tried making Milkshakes or smoothies with Custard Apple.If it's a 'no' just because of the task of separating the seeds from this delicious fruit then no more worries now because the process is so simple which can be done in a jiffy,and you have your other  ingredients then bliss...
Last time when we went to India ,in my house we were welcomed with this yummy drink.I seriously asked my sister ''you took the trouble of  removing all the seeds!And with a smiling face she replied ''anything for you sis''hehe...And then later she told me how she did this.Actually she used to do this for little one(3 yrs) who loved this fruit and mostly swallowed it with the seed.It was funny seeing him eat when we tell him to swallow he does it with the seed,and if tell him to spit the seeds he does it along with the pulp,so always one has to sit along with him removing seeds for him.The best and funny part is all the elder children slowly move away when they see him taking this fruit,so that they won't be forced to sit besides him, otherwise he is the pampered one in our family ☺
As I wanted to post this asap I didn't bother much about the photography,I could have taken it better but may be it would take another one year for this post to come on blog hehe anyways now on to the simple recipe:

Custard apple  1 large or 2 small 
Milk(chilled)   11/4 cup
Sugar  as needed(optional)
-To remove the seeds,first break the Custard apple into half and scoop out the pulp fully into a blender.Pulse it for just 1 or 2 seconds,open the lid you will find the seeds separated.Using a spoon remove the separated seeds and if anything left pulse it again,now the remaining seeds will also be separated.Remove that too.
-Now to the remaining pulp add milk and sugar.Blend till smooth and serve.

*Don't pulse it more than 2 seconds because the seeds may break and after the first pulse if there are seeds left ,then first take out the separated seeds and then only pulse again.Hope the above image helps :) 


  1. I love custard apple to its core. Converting it to a milkshake is an absolute great idea. Packing power drink.

  2. I haven't tried this milkshake. I love to just eat this fruit as it is.

  3. I did see this trick somewhere... but I still end up eating the custard apple, hehe... the milkshake is just so delicious!

  4. I love anything made with custard apple.. the flavour is awesome.

  5. oh yumm.... I love custard apple but as you say its such a time consuming task of removing the seeds.

  6. Hey this is good idea. thanks for sharing..

  7. Nice milkshake and love the idea to remove the seeds!

  8. wow.. never made milkshakes with custard apple... will surely try this... thanks for sharing the recipe...


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