Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dal Bhorta

The Challenge for this month was to prepare a dish from Bangladesh...Yes for the monthly challenge of MFB.I had no idea of this country's any dish or the difference from this Country's and West Bengal's dishes.When the challenge for this month was given I started searching and it started with sweets,but not being very sure of it I just dropped it there.Then I came across a spiced yogurt drink and planned to do that for the challenge.In between I was not well for sometime due to the climate changes here. 
But as a coincidence a few days back my son's friend had come here to play with him.While talking to him he told me that he was from Bangladesh and then I thought what would be better than asking his mother.While returning he assured me he would ask his mother and tell me about the dishes of his country.Just within two days my son came with a paper with 2-3 dishes written.There were dishes like Kala Bhuna(Beef made with different spices),another dish similar to Chicken roast then there was this bhorta which struck me because when talked to him he had also mentioned about a bhorta he had with his rice.The note had Aloo Bhorta,Shutki Bhorta and then this Dal bhorta.
Bhorta means something mashed like in 'Potato Bhorta' it is the mashed Potato,in Shutki its the dried fish or shrimp mashed with a few ingredients and for this dal Bhorta again its the dal mashed with other ingredients.Bhorta is a simple comfort food which they love to have along with their regular plain rice and fish curry.The main ingredients that incorporate with these bland mashes are the mustard oil,roasted garlic and brittle dry red chillies along with Onion slices which adds the perfect flavor and taste to these.Now on to this easy recipe:
Red lentil   3/4 cup
Water     13/4 cup
Garlic cloves 3
Onion thinly sliced  1/4 of one medium
Dry red chilies   3
Coriander leaves chopped  2 tbsp
Salt as needed 
Mustard Oil  2 tsp 
Method of Preparation
-Cook the lentil along with two garlic cloves and the given amount of water till soft.Once cooked well dry up the remaining water if any.Mash it well with the back of a ladle.
-Heat a pan and add 1/2 tsp oil.Now add the remaining one clove of garlic(slit into half) and the dry red chilies and roast till crisp.Be careful not to burn them.
-In a bowl add the roasted garlic and the dry chilies along with salt and crush well using your fingers.Then add the remaining oil and the  sliced onion and mix very well,till the Onion turns a little soft.
-To this add the cooked Dal and mix till everything gets incorporated well.Serve this as a side with plain rice and curry.


  1. Dhal is must in my kitchen. I admire this version of your dal dish.

  2. I was like , had no idea about bangladheshi food even if we have so many expatriate workers around here. You are lucky you get to meet and talk to one and get a recipe. Very interesting recipe

  3. It is amazing how a source came into your lap just in time for the challenge, SubhanAllah! Totally loved it... I think it was the same for us, just rasgullas and chum chums taking up the first few pages of Google, hehe... The dal bhorta sounds good, what did you serve it with?

  4. this is amazing ..saving this to try someday

  5. Wow.. Looks simple yet flavorful.. Definitely worth a try.

  6. This is too good!Lovely recipe with simple ingredients!EVen i had the same problem while searching for the Bangladeshi recipes hehe!

  7. dal bhotra , it sounds somewhat terrific but simple

  8. Interesting recipe.. looks delicious.


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