Monday, November 11, 2019

Eggless Gulab Jamun/Gulab Jamun Using Milk Powder Recipe

Today is the 10 th of November and time for our MFB challenge.But this time there's a difference because this would be the last  MFB Challenge.A beautiful challenge which ran for almost 3 years.Anyways,today's theme was to select any one from all those themes done in this year,it could be the one you missed or you can repeat any.I chose the one from which I missed ..'Your Favorite Mom Food'
A few other themes I participated are :
Shirini Kishmishi-Iranian Raisins Cookies
Pomegranate Pineapple Salad
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup
Coffee Milkshake
Omelette Cheese Sandwich
As such I enjoy all the food my umma cooks specially her Desserts and Biriyani.I remember when we were young how we loved eating Gulab jamuns.But it would be either from some bakeries or Dad's North Indian friends home parties.But then Umma started preparing and we used to finish it off so quickly.There used to be a beautifully designed glass jar and she used to store gulab jamuns in that and it would be on the dining table.I and my siblings have a sweet tooth from my dad and his relatives side,where they all loved kheers,sweets desserts and his sisters used to have an extra spoon of sugar in their tea and juices too.But we don't like our tea and coffee that sweet.My mother is someone who doesn't like sweets.She is not that interested in juices and rather prefer eating those fruits.She had to take sweets often forcefully when her sugar level goes down. 
You can double the ingredients for more quantity.Now over to the recipe:

Milk powder  5 tbsp
Maida/All purpose Flour   1/2 tbsp
Semolina  1/2 tsp
Ghee/Clarified Butter  1/2 tbsp
Baking Soda  1/8 tsp
Yogurt  1 tbsp (or as needed )
Oil  to deep fry the jamuns
For the Syrup
Sugar  3/4 cup
Water    11/4 cup
Green Cardamom  2-3 
Rose water  1 tsp (optional)
Pistachios  to garnish
-First prepare the Sugar syrup  by boiling the water and sugar along with the cardamom pods in a saucepan.Boil till it turns sticky.Add the rose water and lemon juice,mix and keep this on very low flame.
-Meanwhile prepare the dough for the jamuns.In a bowl add the Milk powder,baking soda,Semolina and the flour.Mix well.
-Add ghee to it and mix well.Now add the yogurt little by little to form a smooth  dough.The dough should not be dry or it will have cracks while rolling.
-Now pinch out equal portions and roll into small smooth balls.
-Heat oil in a kadayi.When hot(not smoky hot) fry these balls on medium heat.It should cook well inside,so keep the flame on medium low.Keep stirring lightly to cook it uniformly
-Fry till golden brown.
-Now add these balls into the sugar syrup and switch off the flame.
-Let it soak well.After 2-3 hours you can either serve these with Vanilla Ice cream or just with a little Pistachios garnished on top. 

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  1. I am just looking at that bowl of gulab jamuns and stretching myself to get it, but then it is inside the screen... :( We love our sweets, all of us one better than the other and somehow my girls have got it, and the outsider called HD is also getting rubbed on... hehe... The GJs look so prefect... thank you for always taking time and participating in this challenge whenever you could... :)

  2. gulab jamun's look so yummy n perfect :)

  3. That looks so tempting! I have never had gulab jamun...wish I could taste some of yours :-))


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