Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cabbage Egg Bhurji/Cabbage Egg Stir Fry/Cabbage Mutta Thoran

This is a very quick and tasty recipe.You can have this as a side dish with your rice or have it as a breakfast or dinner using  it as a filling inside your bread or Chapatis.I have already posted a simple stir fry using Cabbage along with Carrot here.

When kids get bored with their regular Cabbage stir fry or with their regular Egg bhurji you can try this as another option.
Cabbage Chopped  1/2 of 1 medium
Eggs    2 (lightly beaten)
Onion chopped  1 medium
Tomato  1/2 of 1 (optional)
Green Chillies  3-4 slit 
Turmeric powder  1/2 tsp
Cumin powder   1/4 tsp
Salt as needed
Mustard seeds     1/4 tsp
Oil  2 tsp

-Heat a pan and add oil.
-Splutter the mustard seeds,then add the chopped onion add saute.
-Now add in the tomato pieces and the green chillies and saute.
-After a minute add the chopped cabbage,Turmeric powder,salt and Cumin powder.Mix well.
-Wait till the cabbage turns soft.
-Now add in the beaten eggs ,scramble and combine with  the cabbage.
-Wait for 2 minutes.Let the eggs get cooked well.
-Once done switch off the flame and serve.


  1. I had seen a similar recipe on TV sometime back... and I am wondering now looking at your post why I never made this! So simple for a lazy dinner, alle...

  2. I usually add egg to the uluva ela(fenugreek leaves) but never tried with cabbage..looks healthy n delish!

  3. Don't we all always hail this cabbage dish? I know.

  4. I think I will like this dish. Yums!

  5. My kids lovvve cabbage but i am allergic to this simple vegie...
    Love this one .. i must give them wrapped up as sandwiches,they will lov it

  6. Great combination of egg and cabbage. looks so yum


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