Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ariunda/Rice Balls

It's been two weeks after we are back from India but somehow still things have not come to the normal routine.First two days went by cleaning and then storing things brought from India.Ummi had prepared enough snacks for us to take here,but unfortunately we could not carry all due to the heavy luggage and also there was some uncertainty with our flight tickets and that's why could not carry any very fresh ones.
Today while munching on these homemade Ariunda(Rice balls) I remembered I haven't posted this recipe here in my blog :) Only roasting the rice grains take some time otherwise the recipe is so simple but that doesn't matter for it's lovely tasty.For the ones having a sweet tooth like me can keep on munching this.

There are two methods of using Jaggery here.You can directly use it  with the other ingredients if you are sure there are no impurities in it or melt it then strain and use.Now here's the recipe 
Parboiled Rice  2 cups
Coconut grated     11/2 cups
Jaggery shredded  1 cup
Cardamom   4-5 pods
Water    3-4 spoon(just to melt the jaggery)

-Wash the rice thoroughly till clear and then drain.
-Heat a kadai or a heavy bottomed pan on medium flame and dry roast the drained rice.(You can add them in 2 batches).Keep stirring to get a uniform color and take care not to burn the grains(as this part is very important for getting good result)
-Roast till all the rice grains are golden brown in color and crack (puff up).Once done transfer this to another bowl and let it cool down completely.
-In a sauce pan melt the jaggery adding water on medium flame.Strain the syrup and keep aside.
-When cooled, grind the rice along with cardamom into a fine powder.Transfer this to a bowl.(You can sieve this to get fine powder)
-Pulse the grated coconut in the blender for two seconds and mix this with the powdered rice.
-Now slowly add in the Jaggery syrup little by little and mix thoroughly. 
-Shape into smooth balls and serve.


  1. I have always wanted to make it by my own since my girls really love it... this time when I went home, I watched how mattamma made them and like you said, needs a little time but very easy to come together... we add blitzed roasted cashewnuts and call it andiputtu... :)

  2. Thats a lovely recipe and I also wanted to know if I could use broken par boiled rice. If yes...please let me know what quantity i need to add

    1. I haven't tried this with broken rice till now so have no idea,but you can try roasting 1/4th of the broken par boiled rice and check if it pops well (cracks easily when you put it in your mouth).If it works then make for 1 cup adding 3/4 of grated coconut and a little less than 1/2 cup of grated Jaggery.Hope this helps :)

  3. love ariunda..looks super delicious!

  4. My fav, akin a melting moment for true sheer sweat delightfullness.

  5. I love it.. My MIL makes it often and sends it through.. you got me tempted


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