Friday, October 6, 2017

Pathal(Pathiri) Thenga Varuthathu/Sweet Coconut Pathiri

This is my favorite during my college days.I had to travel in two buses from my house to the college and the same while returning back.There were only very few buses that traveled directly,that too not on a fixed time.So in the evening I used to come home exhausted,real hungry.Tea would be ready by the time.And Ummi would make some snacks also ready.But sometimes when there's nothing to eat I search for the left over Pathiris (prepared in the morning which will be in the Casserole or in the fridge which was prepared the previous night for dinner)

 I would quickly put all the ingredients together in a pan on flame, mix well and there you go...hehe.This time in India I did the same thing with a few left over Pathiris and my little one enjoyed eating this and Ummi reminded me of my college days.Nostalgia...☺He told me it tasted similar to Wingko Babat.
One thing about our Pathal prepared in Kannur ,is slightly different from that prepared with that roasted powders and mixed with boiling water (Pathiris)and then rolled into very thin crepes but we flatten it by hand directly on the pan and there is no using of such boiling water.But you can use this recipe for both Pathal or Pathiri.
Actually for the recipe there is no measurement as such,only three ingredients and you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar and coconut as per your taste.Some add in a spoon of chopped shallots to get a crunch in between but somehow it does not go well with my taste ,but you are free to do so. On to the recipe:
Left over Pathiris  4-5
Sugar  3-4 tsp (as per taste)
Coconut  1/2 cup
Shallots chopped  1-2 tsp (optional)
Water    2-3 tsp
-Stack the Pathiris and cut them into small pieces.
-Heat a non stick pan and add these pieces along with rest of the ingredients.
-Mix well till it turns sticky that is, the Coconut and sugar coats well on the Pathiris.
-Remove from flame and serve.


  1. nice idea of using up pathiris..yumm n healthy snack!

  2. Oh yes please. Such a sheer pleasure, I love coconut and sweetness in one.

  3. whats a pathiri? maybe should google it :). At first I thought it was big shavings of slightly young coconut

    1. Nammi, Pathiris are rotis made using rice flour :)

  4. Looks delicious. Coconut and sugar is my favorite combination

  5. This is a very nice snack... very interesting...


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