Sunday, October 19, 2014

Plantains And Egg Stir Fry(Sweet Snack)/Caramelized Banana And Egg/Nenthrapazham Mutta Varattiyathu

Don't worry seeing the recipe name because the name just refers to the ingredients used in this recipe.This is a very simple and sweet snack.And for kids its a healthy snack.This can be served both as a snack or with morning tea.Actually this dish is more common in the Malabar side where the combination of ripe Plantains,Egg and Sugar are very  commonly used like in Kaipola(Plantain cake),
Unnakkaya or in separate forms like Pazham pori,Nenthra pazham Halwa etc...
Plantains/Nenthra pazham(Kerala Banana)     2 ripe(not over ripe)
Ghee                   2 tsp
Sugar                   2-3 tsp
Egg                      1
-Chop the plantains into small cubes.
-In a non stick frying pan add these chopped plantains,sugar and ghee.Keep this on a medium flame.
-Saute till the sugar caramelizes,coats the pieces well and changes into a golden color.
-At this stage add the egg and scramble well along with the Plantains.
-When the egg gets cooked switch off the flame and serve.
*Don't use over ripe Plantains.
*Instead of adding egg you can add 2-3 tbsp of grated coconut.


  1. wow dear best for breakfast :)

  2. Ripe bananas and eggs combo seems weird but im sure it should taste yummm splly ingredients are healthy, love the idea of coconut too!! :) On going event Rice up with sweets / spices

  3. Something different for a sweet snack with eggs. Indeed, it will be a nice change though I've never such a combo before.

  4. Nice snack recipe,thanks for sharing

  5. New combo .. never tasted or made this ..:)

  6. What a healthy snack,great clicks

  7. this look super super tempting and inviting:)


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