Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fruit Salad/Fruit Mix

Today's recipe is a simple fruit salad/chat.We make this often,specially on all days of Ramadan.

I still remember when we were young Umma used to cut few different fruits for Iftar and just one or two pieces would be consumed,the rest would be kept untouched.Before the fast break each one of us would say I want Grapes or Oranges or Apples but just when we break our fast with a little water,dates and a snack our tummies would be full.The Apples used to change color but none  would touch any.Later she kept the fruits as such and a knife so if anybody wanted she can cut at that time and serve but again it was kept untouched the whole day,may be when juiced some would take.But later when she started making this salad by chopping the fruits and adding a little sugar and honey to the fruits everyone started to finish it off.
       I prepare this fruit mix the whole month of Ramadan.
Apple (red and green)    each one chopped
Black grapes(seedless)   a few cut into halves
Green grapes(   ''     )             ''          ''
Mango  (ripe)               1 chopped
Kiwi                              2   "
Pomegranate                    1 
(You can use any fruits of your choice,availability and sweetness)
Sugar     2 tbsp
Honey            1-2 tbsp
-In a wide bowl add all the fruits,sugar and honey.Toss well  and serve in small cups or glasses.

*If you prefer you can sprinkle Chat Masala too.


  1. This is called fruit chat... the best way to have lots of fruits together... hehe...

  2. the fruit salad looks soo colurful n delicious

  3. love this colorful salad ..looks so good

  4. it looks so colourful and the shots

  5. My favourite salad..........healthy & colourful.

  6. Definitely a fruit salad that I love to try. Very healthy, colourful and so super delicious !

  7. This is a healthy and delicious dish and it looks perfect!


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