Thursday, November 13, 2014

Elaneer Pudding/Tender Coconut Pudding

This is one of my favorite among puddings.I have already mentioned in my earlier post that we were there in India at the harvest time and how we used to love having these tender coconuts.We used to have it as such or alter it making juice and  pudding.I usually like using China grass to set my puddings.

Tender coconut water        21/2 cup
       Pulp scooped              11/2 cup
Milk                                  1L
Condensed milk                 1/2 tin
Sugar                                4-5 tbsp
China grass                10g

-Pulse the tender coconut pulp just for 2 seconds in the smaller jar of the blender and keep this aside.**
-Pour the tender coconut water into a saucepan.
-Cut the china grass into pieces,wash well and then squeeze to remove excess water.Add this to the water in the sauce pan and let it boil.Keep stirring at intervals. 
-Meanwhile in another large saucepan add milk,condensed milk and sugar.Keep this on medium flame.Let it  boil.Again,keep stirring so that it does not get burnt.
-Once the China grass has melted completely,off the flame and add this to the boiling milk mixture and mix by stirring.Now switch off the flame.
-Now pour the whole mixture into a pudding tray.
-When the pudding is half set, garnish it with the pulp**spread it well on top of the pudding.
-Refrigerate this and serve when cooled.
*Add sugar according to your taste.Also you can make changes with sugar and condensed milk-if using more condensed milk then use less sugar.

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  1. Very nice. Those flavors came together. Thumbs up for the invention.

  2. thanks for linking up dear :) lovely pudding nom nom

  3. Lovely & interesting pudding................awesome pictures.

  4. Lovely recipe! Thanx for linking this recipe to my ongoing event- Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets

  5. I never had coconut pudding before but this looks amazing delicious!

  6. U have a great space here with wonderful recipes.....glad to follow you and will be happy if you follow me back as well.

  7. delicious pudding , looks very yummy..

  8. Looks so inviting:) Perfect for these winters :)

  9. My hubby doesn't like coconut much. But I guess he likes this recipe...will try this out......

    Thank you.....

  10. Amazing pudding................Love to try this.

  11. Looks super tempting!! Lovely clicks :)

  12. Who will say no to this delicious pudding,yum...

  13. my favourite pudding.. brings a lot of nostalgic memories..
    thanks for sharing..

  14. I tasted this heavenly dessert at a friend's place and was sold. such a treat this one is.

  15. Superb. Yummy flavors and beautiful dish :)

  16. D name it self calling me to try it..Very tempting bowls.

  17. I lov ur blog. Bt, dont u hav recipe index

  18. Never tasted this pudding before.. Must give it a try.Looks yummmm :)

  19. My pudding did not set properly, what can I do to salvage it now?

    1. Sorry to know that your pudding did not set properly.This pudding I prepared does not stay very firm (because we like it this way)as you can see in the images,but its not that liquid also,it will set.But I don't know what went wrong with yours,I can suggest two things which might have gone wrong for you:Firstly,the China Grass, some brands 'agar-agar' sometimes need a little extra to be added than the mentioned amount to get it firm.Secondly,at the time of mixing the milk mixture and the China Grass mixture should be equally hot.Hope this helps..Happy cooking :)


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