Saturday, November 10, 2018

Luqaimat/Kaimati - Arabic Sweets

Back to blogging after a short break,this time the break was not from my side but my Internet connection.After a strong thunder and lightning 3-4 weeks back the Internet connection was lost in many areas here which included ours too.So had to take a break forcefully.

But I am very happy I could make up today's challenge,yes the MFB Challenge which I thought I couldn't participate.This time its special because it marks the 2nd year of the MFB Challenge.So this time when the theme was given I was eagerly waiting to do the Arabic sweets that I had missed at the beginning of this year's Challenge,and also to my surprise I had only left that Challenge because my parents were here that time and I was busy with them.That also reminds me its going to be one year after my parents left Doha,specially my Dad who used to be here every six months.Suddenly he fell ill and they had to return back and my Hubby accompanied them.It was all of sudden everything happened that time,but Alhamdulillah now he's fine.

This time as for the theme we were free to choose any of the previous themes so I chose to do the one I missed.It was the Arabic Sweets and I prepared luqaimat,a crunchy sweet dumpling famous in the Middle Eastern Part.It is used both as a snack or a dessert item.It is mostly seen served during Ramadan.Now on to the recipe:
All purpose flour/Maida   1 Cup
Corn Flour    2 tbsp
Yeast  3/4 tsp
Sugar  11/2 tsp
Salt    a pinch
Yoghurt  1 tbsp
Warm Water  3/4 cup and a little more
Oil  to deep fry
For the Sugar syrup
Sugar  1 Cup
Water  3/4 cup
Lime juice  1 tsp
-In a deep bowl add Maida,Corn Flour,Yeast,sugar,Salt and Yoghurt.Using a whisk just mix it.
-Now add the warm water little by little and mix well using the whisk.
-The batter should smooth without any lumps.It should neither be too thick nor runny.
-Cover and keep this aside to raise for about 1/2 an hour to 1 hour.
-Once it doubles in volume,just mix well again.
-Now heat oil in a wok.When the oil turns hot(keep the flame on medium),pinch out little batter using your fingers and drop it using your thumb slowly into the oil,making small ball shapes.Repeat the same process with rest of the batter.But do not over crowd them.
-Cook till it turns golden brown and crisp.
-Mean while you can prepare the sugar syrup .In a sauce pan add sugar and water and let it boil.Once it turns sticky let it boil for 1 or 2 minutes then add the lime juice and switch off the flame.
-Fry the dumplings in batches and remove it using a slotted spoon on to a tissue paper.
-After frying these, add these dumplings into the sugar syrup and coat it well on all sides and remove it from the syrup after 1-2 minutes and transfer into a serving plate.


  1. Your lquaimat looks crisp and amazing - I am sure I could sit and polish off that bowl! Everything happens for a reason, alle... Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal!

  2. Sounds like doughnut, but much more flavourful!! Would love to try it.. Good to have you back..

  3. Good that your dad is well again. Your Arabic dessert looks good but I have no sweet tooth.

  4. Lovely inviting Arabic sweet dumplings .


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