Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Eethapazham Thenga Chammanthi/Dates Coconut Chammanthi/

I am part of the 'Muslim Food Bloggers' group on Facebook.A group with so many lovely ladies with the same Passion for cooking.To make the group more interesting ,a challenge has been put every month.The challenge started from last month but unfortunately I could not make it up last time,but thought somehow I should make it this time.If you all have read my last post you would know I am going through a low phase now a days.But somehow I didn't want to miss this again,so to be frank I didn't put much effort on this challenge.

This time the theme was 'Dates'..to prepare anything with the main ingredient Dates.I have already posted recipes with dates on my blog Dates fry,Almond Dates Smoothie,Dates Coconut Cake etc...Today the recipe is a simple Dates Chammanthi,now on to the recipe:
Dates      8-10 (Pitted)
(I have used soft and sweet dates available in packets here)
Coconut grated   2 cups
Green chillies  2 
Garlic pods  2 
Ginger      a small piece
Shallots    2-3 
Coriander leaves chopped  1/4 cup
Vinegar   2-3 tsp
Salt    to taste
-Add all the ingredients except salt and vinegar into a blender and grind well till all are combined well(you can add them in batches or first grind the dates along with the other ingredients without coconut and then add coconut and grind)
-Transfer this into a bowl and add Salt and Vinegar and mix well.
*Be careful with the addition of salt vinegar and chillies,because all this balances the taste of this chammanthi.Check and increase or decrease  these according to your taste.


  1. Assalamualaikum Ruxana! First time here and I am thankful to the FB group for bringing us together with such challenge posts. Chammanti with dates is totally new and innovative. Wondering how it would taste.. InshaAllah should try sometime!

    1. Wa alaikumussalam Famidha..Happy to get a new friend through this :)
      If you are someone who likes the taste of something sweet and spicy in one combo,you would surely like this chammanthi...Do try dear and let me know!

  2. Ethu adipoliyanallo! Aadyayitta kelkunne... very very innovative!

  3. Interesting to discover a new recipe I didn't know about. Nice way to elevate dates yea.

  4. such a unique combo .I need to try this

  5. I like your recipe for dates, a savory one! do you eat it like chutney?hope you are feeling better , hugs

    1. You can have this as a side dish for biriyani or with a spicy snack..Alhamdulillah feeling better now..JazakAllah khairan dear :)

  6. Ruxana it's kind of chutney I think. Really innovative

    1. Chammanthi is a little bit dry form of Chutney..JazakAllah khairan Huma :)

  7. Something different...
    very nice!!

  8. This looks great! Thanks for sharing! <3 - http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  9. looks super yumm!! very interesting recipe!!

  10. I have never had this dish before, but I love coconut and dates so I can tell I will love this.

  11. Priya @asmallbite
    Nice recipe and looks yummy...

  12. Hi Ruxana. I ve never heard of a Chammanthi podi with Dates. Interesting recipe.


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