Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stuffed Idiyappam(String Hoppers)

This is my first post for this year 2017.Every one had their own ups and downs during the year 2016.And so did we.We have lost some of our dear ones last year.My Mother in law had passed away while we were in India,who was more to me like a mother than a Mother in law.Just after that her brother also left this world.
Again the year ended on a very sad,heart breaking loss.My younger Sister in law's husband passed away.It was a real shock to all.May Allah grant Jannah to all of them and sabr(patience) to the remaining family.Aameen..
The only peace of mind is it's all from the Almighty and that's how life is..with ups and downs,gain and loss,dark and light and it never stays the same always.
Coming on to today's  post its something from the drafts.It is String Hoppers.In our place it's mainly called as Nool puttu because it looks like thread,so it's thread-like steamed cake.I rarely make this,not because nobody likes it but because of the lazy me!For me its a time consuming process.As a food blogger I don't know whether I am supposed to say such things but I feel there might be at least a few who feel the same like me.Making the rice dough and later the steaming part is so easy but stuffing the dough into the mold and pressing it out and again filling it makes me fed up. 
 Here I have not made idiyappams/String hoppers and a separate curry but stuffed them with a meat filling.We usually use the unroasted homemade rice powder to make our rice dough,so we don't have to use boiling water to make the dough.But if you are using roasted powder or the store bought ones go with the packet instruction or use boiling water to the rice flour.Now on to the recipe:
For the idiyappam
Rice flour  11/2 cup
Salt   as needed
Water  as needed
-In a bowl add the rice flour and salt and mix well.Now add water little by little and a make a smooth dough.
For the filling
Beef(boneless)       300-350 gms
Chilly powder  1/2 tsp
Pepper powder  1/2 tsp
Coriander powder  11/2 tsp
Salt as needed
(Cook the meat with the above ingredients in a pressure cooker.Once it cools down shred or cut them into small pieces)
Onion       4 large (finely sliced)  
Tomato    1 med (chopped)  
Ginger crushed         1 tsp
Garlic crushed          1 tsp
Green chilly           3-4 crushed
Turmeric powder   1/2 tsp
Garam masala powder    1/2 tsp
Salt         to taste
Curry leaves   2 sprigs 
Oil       2 tblsp
Shredded Coconut   to garnish
-Heat a non stick pan,add oil and then add in the sliced onions.Saute adding salt.
-Add the crushed ginger garlic chillies and the chopped curry leaves.
-When the onion turns transparent add in the chopped tomatoes and saute well.
-When the tomatoes turn mushy add  the garam masala and the turmeric powder.
-Now add the shredded meat and mix well for 2 minutes.Switch off the flame.
Further procedure
-Boil water in an idly steamer(I made the idiyappams in the idly mold) 
-Place the rice dough inside the idiyappam maker,close the lid and keep ready.
-Grease the molds with a little oil.
-Now press or rotate the handle of the idiyappam maker and lay one layer of the string hoppers on the greased mold.Now place 2 tbsp of the filling on the 1st layer.Now cover this layer again with the pressed dough.Sprinkle a little coconut on top.Fill all the idly molds this way.
-Now place the mold inside the steamer close and steam for 8 to 10 minutes.
-When cooled serve.


  1. I love idiyappam with coconut shreds and brown sugar. Sometimes I love this with curries.

  2. Wow these are amazing, i have heard of them but never had them or seen them anywhere in the parts of the UK that I have visited. I am sure more culturally diverse cities like Birmingham, Bradford and London Indian eateries would sell them and if so, i will try.

  3. Sorry for the loss dear ..May their soul rest in peace ..This year will definitely be good with lots of blessings ..I love idiyappam and This is simply yummy ..Will definitely try this version ..


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