Thursday, January 19, 2017

Persimmon MilkShake

Winter is the season for Persimmons (one of our favorite fruits)and we never miss the chance to get them.Do you know there are two varieties of Persimmon?Actually I came to know about these only recently.I used to eat these fruits when I was very young itself.Not able to pronouns the fruit name well me and my sisters used to call this as 'the tomato type fruit'.When young we used to get the 'Hachiya' type.Now also we get only this type from our nearby variety can be eaten only when they are liquid ripe that is;when it is real soft and gooey inside(you can see the pulp on top of my milkshake).
The skin has to be so soft-like that of a blanched tomato-where we can just peel them off with ease or just press open and eaten mostly hanging our head over the sink hehe..But the very big problem with this Hachiya type is if by mistake you eat it before the ripen stage you get a astringent flavor in your mouth(and never again eat it that way)
Then there is the Fuyu Persimmons,short and squat which can be eaten just like an Apple.Peel and slice them.We get this type in the which is a little far from here.I have prepared this Milkshake using Hachiya type.Now on to the recipe
Persimmons   2(pulp taken out)
Cold Milk       11/2 cup
Sugar            2 spoon
-Add all the ingredients in the blender and blend till smooth.Pour into a glass and garnish with a little pulp and serve.


  1. yummy!! can I have some :))

  2. Lovely. This milkshake will definitely wake up my senses.

  3. I love persimmon especially the soft ripe ones. The milkshake good delicious.

  4. I love eating persimmon, so I can tell I will love this milkshake too. :)

  5. My recent love too! I have been eating it with the skin! LOL!

  6. I love these , never tried to make a smoothie out them.

  7. a new & different milkshake...........

  8. I love persimmon taste quite like mango. This is a beautiful recipe!


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