Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Almond-Date Smoothie

We are flying to India tomorrow evening InShaAllah.Once when we finished booking our tickets I found there were only a very few days left to go and so much of work to finish starting from purchasing and packing to take to India which has no end till the very last moment. Then finishing off the things in the refrigerator and all that which gets spoiled within one month from the pantry,cleaningwashing and in between some cooking.But actually cooking has reduced a lot; There's only a lunch cooked and the same curry is taken for dinner with Kuboos ( there will be many frown faces at the dining table but no other alternative from my side hehe...)

After Ramadan there's not much food stuffs in the refrigerator or pantry because from Ramadan itself we had a plan to go to India so didn't fill in too much apart from some fruits and veggies.Mornings are done with smoothies or Milkshakes.And today's recipe is a healthy and filling Smoothie.Its enough to fill your tummy for a brunch or breakfast. 
Almond      10-12 nos (soak in hot water for sometime and then peel off the skin)
Dates             5-6 nos pitted
Milk               1 Cup
-In a blender add all the ingredients and blend till smooth.

*I have used soft dates here.If the dates are a little hard then you can
soak them in milk for sometime and then blend.
*There is no need to add sugar or honey as the sweetness from the dates is enough.


  1. Such a healthy and delicious smoothie, love to start the day with this healthy smoothie..

  2. Healthy & refreshing smoothie............


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