Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carrot-Coconut Pola/A Simple Carrot-Coconut Cake-Guest Post For Mahaslovelyhome

I was very excited when Usha asked me if I could do a guest post as a part of her 3rd blog anniversary.Usha is a lovely friend whom I got through blogging and connected through facebook.

      Actually this was supposed to be my first guest post,but as another post was to be done during Ramadan,this got a little late.Usually I don't do guest posts thinking if I can't do it on the time allotted.But again when such lovely friends invite,there's not a second thought :) Usha was so kind enough to give me a long gap for the post.Once this post was completed also, it took time to get published waiting for me to reach back from India.
      Though I was a little late with my post she had her Friday guest posts regularly with so many lovely friends and their recipes.Actually I was in a fix as to what recipe to post on her blog because she has a wide variety of dishes in her space 'Mahaslovelyhome' be it from starters to desserts both veg and non-veg.Then the idea of Pola-a Malabar delicacy came into my mind.
          I have already posted a few on my blog. Pola is a Malabar delicacy.There are two versions of Pola - the sweet ones and the savoury ones.The sweet ones have a texture more like that of a cake or pudding like the Carrot pola,Thari pola, Kadalaparippu pola(made using lentils) or the Kaipola (made using ripe plantains) and the other type has a filling of meat(Chicken or Beef layered) like the Erachi pola. Polas are cooked in non-stick cake pans coated with a little ghee and the batter is poured and cooked on low flame till done(20 to 25 minutes).
        Do hop on to Usha's space for the recipe:


  1. Lovely guest post..Delicious pola :)

  2. very nice recipe n lovely chit chat it was vth u dear..Thank u once again..Keep in touch da..happy weekend :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes Nammi,somewhat like a cake but not that fluffy texture

  4. I recently made carrot pola but yours looks different... and love the addition of coconut! Guest post cheyyumbo the best bet is our thani naadan recipes... :)

  5. This s new to me.. I haven't heard/ tasted this.. Looks moist and delicious. I should try this

  6. Looks very delicious.. nice guest post..

  7. love the color,looks super tempting one !


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