Saturday, September 26, 2015

Papaya Juice

There was a time when our house in India was surrounded with Papaya trees,that too large ones.It was many years back,one papaya cut was more than enough for the whole family,so the remaining papayas were given to our neighbours and relatives.But every house had one or two trees.

The ripe orange colored ones with the sweet taste was very difficult to peel and cut; So it was scooped with the spoon into the bowl.But two-three years back it was just extinct from our place.No houses had these.And if planted also didn't survive much.Some said it was due to the mobile towers and so many other reasons.Anyways,this year,when I went for the vacation,there were trees to my surprise.Two three trees each carrying few Papayas.Also most of the houses had them.And as usual when these were in bulk nobody was that interested but this time it was like each day looking if there were ripe ones or when would it get ripen.
   Umma sometimes take the raw ones also to make pachadi or stir fry.Papayas are my Hubby's favorite but none of my children have gone his side with Papayas.My younger one when forced takes a little holding his nose tight :) 
 Papayas very well help in the digestion.The benefits of Papaya are numerous which you can google :).Today's recipe is a simple juice which you can have during summers when we like more of drinking than eating.I have used the Indian type Papaya.
Papaya (peel,de seed and cubed)      1 cup
Sugar                     3 tsp(as per sweetness)
Ice cubes               1/4 cup
Water                     3/4 to 1 cup
-Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.
-Pour into a glass and serve immediately.

*If the Papaya is over ripen then just cut vertically along with the skin and scoop it using a spoon.



  1. I love papaya so much... it is in fact one of my favorite fruits... munbokke there used to be quiet many, eppo ellam kuranju. Just last week, when my brother came, umma send with him a huge papaya which was half ripe. Kept it out for a few days and cut it yesterday, ate up half of it myself, hehe... try making lassi out of papaya, just too good... :)

    1. This time when I was coming back I too carried a half ripe one with me for my hubby :)

  2. usch a healthy juice and look at its refreshing


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