Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dal Sabzi/Lentils Vegetable Curry

Yellow Moong dal/Split Green gram    1/4 cup
Plantain(raw)        1
Carrot                  1(large)
Potato                  1(   ''   ) 
Beans              12
Drumstick        1 or 2
Onion              1 
Tomato            1
Chilly powder           1 spoon
Coriander powder    11/2 spoon
Turmeric powder      1/4 spoon
Coconut               1/2 of 1 grated
Cumin seeds         1 tbsp
Salt                   as needed
Oil                         2 tbsp
Mustard seeds        1 spoon
Curry leaves           2 sprigs
-Heat water in a pressure cooker adding the dal.Let it boil for sometime.
-Meanwhile chop the vegetables into cubes (Plantain , Carrot and Potato).Cut both ends of the beans along with its strings and then cut each into 1/2  inch pieces.Cut the drumsticks into 11/2 '' pieces.
-Chop the onion and tomato.Add this to the cooking dal.
-Now add in all the veggies,salt and powders (chilly,turmeric and coriander).Close the pressure cooker with its lid  inserting the weight and cook till the vegetables are done.
-In a blender add the grated coconut ,cumin seeds and blend it smooth adding a little water.
-Heat a small frying pan/wok add oil and splutter mustard seeds and add the curry leaves.Add this to the cooked vegetables.
-Also add in the coconut-cumin paste and mix well.Switch off the flame when it starts boiling.
-Serve this as a side dish with plain rice or chappati


  1. wow wow... its so tempting and delicious curry...

  2. That is a nice curry to go with rice and chapati

  3. Yummilicious Curry, Nice gravy for Roti....

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  4. This lovely veg curry is always welcomed, we love it too much and we can eat loads of it without complaining.

  5. Loved this recipe.. Will surely try.. Thanks for sharing Ruxana :-)

  6. delicious and creamy curry...

  7. One healthy dal recipe... looks yummy... thanks for sharing...

  8. Delicious combi of dal & veggies

  9. Delicious and flavorful curry! :)

  10. Very interesting recipe, lentils with vegetables look delicious!


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