Monday, January 27, 2014

Jam Rolls/Jam Cake Rolls(On Stove Top)

Attending weddings bring real pleasure and enjoyment ; and if the weddings are of close relatives then the happiness doubles.Its just not the wedding day but days before itself ..going out,purchasing,Mehendi night,parties and what not!! :) And at the Kannur (Canannore) side the days specially ''after the wedding'' goes with different varieties of breakfast,lunch and dinner.Also a large variety of snack items are found.Above all these marriages are a ''family get together''...bringing families closer....This time in India we were lucky enough to attend three of our close relative weddings.Being in Doha and going to India just for two weeks or hardly one month,we miss seeing many of  our relatives or attending such functions.So this time after coming back though got busy with kids school and 'winter' the hangover of staying in India  took some time leaving us..
   Coming to today's  recipe,this is my first post for this year 2014  its a simple and sweet jam rolls.
Eggs                       2
Sugar                     4 tbsp around 70 g
APF/Maida            4 tbsp    ''       52 g
Mixed fruit jam       2 tbsp
Salt                         a pinch
Ghee                       1 tsp
Method of preparation
-In a bowl add the eggs sugar and salt.Using an egg beater beat these ingredients till slightly thick(increased in volume and pale in color,beat for 3 to 4 minutes on medium high speed).
-Now add the flour little by little and slowly fold into the egg-mixture.
-Heat a large frying pan,add ghee and spread properly reaching all the sides and bottom of the pan.
-Now add the egg batter,cover the pan and cook on low flame for 10 to 15 minutes.
-Remove the lid.Touch the top part of the cake and check if its cooked(it does not stick to your fingers on touching)
-Switch off the flame.Now spread jam on top and slowly but firmly roll the cake.
-Refrigerate for 10 minutes(optional) and then cut into pieces and serve.

Linking this to  Haffa's & Monu's event :Wedding Anniversary Cakes & Sweets


  1. You made so perfectly....looks so yum...

  2. Jam rolls have comeout really well, Ruxana. I canimagine the fun u had attending three weddings.

  3. Very pretty and delicious rolls!! Lovely post my dear

  4. beautiful!.. :) Can you help me as how can I eliminate eggs here n replace with something?.. worth a try..

  5. Love those jam rolls. Kids favourite snack. Good one.

  6. Simply Fantastic... I am so so inspired....

  7. I had made jam yesterday, now looking at your post, my mind is thinking whether I should try this after going back home... superb, dear... attending weddings is a pleasure, like u say, especially adutha kudumbamavumbo, cousins, uncles and aunts, bahalamayirikkum... kure kaalamayi oru kalyanam koodiyittu, varunnathokke leave ellatha samayathum... :(

  8. Very delicious, simple and yummy rolls...

  9. This is very nice, will be good treat for Kids in the afternoon or in their lunch box! I am gonna try this!

  10. A kids friendly & perfectly made snack.....................looks so beautiful.

  11. Yummy Ruxaaanaaa.. seriously loving your Jam rolls.. loving them hope i could taste it.. Send it pleashee lolx :D

  12. omg!.. its so perfect.. love the rolls

  13. Oh my my... it looks all perfect... I was starring at it as if I was standing in a bakery and starring at the jam rolls arranged at the other end... Wish I could have one right now.

  14. Oh god.. so easy n lovely! Thanx for linking ths recipe to my event-
    wedding anniversary cakes & events!


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