Monday, April 29, 2019

Kiska -Gothambu Kiska ( 2 Ingredients - Malabar Wheat based Dish )

Hello Friends,First of all sorry for the delay in posting recipes this year.Actually I had some health issues,which I am feeling better now,Alhamdulillah, but still I am on medicines and physiotherapy.I had to take complete rest and so was not active on any social media.Today feeling better I thought I will post something from my drafts,that is I had the images ready long back,so only I had to do the posting.
I had a starting trouble doing the post may be not being active on this for long.I didn't know what to start with and thought I will just put the image and recipe but then somehow I started with what came in my mind..I don't know why am I going bla bla bla...hehe..Anyways on to today's  recipe.'Kiska' the name may sound little funny because those who know Hindi knows well it means 'Whose' in Hindi language.But then there are many such names which sometimes sounds very funny,weird  and sometimes very apt for some dishes mainly in the Malabar area.

Today's dish is similar to a porridge where Wheat is cooked in Coconut milk.This is mostly served as one of the breakfast dishes in the Kannur part post wedding.This is an easy recipe with very less ingredients,only extracting coconut milk and the cooking process is time consuming.But now we get coconut powders and Coconut milk easily in the supermarkets.But I would prefer using the fresh Coconut milk for this recipe.Also you can use a pressure cooker to cook the wheat.Traditionally chopped Onion is also added while cooking.I have not added but you can add or omit.This can be eaten just as it is or with any side dish(curry types) or those of you have a sweet tooth can drizzle some Sugar,Honey or Dates syrup.
Wheat  1 heaped cup 
Water or 3rd extract of coconut milk  3-4 cups 
Thick coconut milk 11/4 cup
2nd extract of coconut milk  2 cups
Salt  as per taste
Onion chopped   1/2 of 1 (optional)
-Wash and soak the wheat for at least one hour.Drain water and keep aside.
-Boil water in a deep vessel and add the washed wheat along with salt, or you can Pressure cook it till the grains are cooked well.(You can add the chopped onion also at this time)
-Once cooked add the second extract of the coconut milk.Stir well.Let it boil.
-When it starts boiling add the thick coconut milk.Again when it starts boiling,stir well and switch of the flame.


  1. I didn't know that there is a name like this, we just call it puzhungiyathu... hehe... and we add jaggery... :) Allah yashfeek, dear... take care...

    1. Yes dear different names at different places hehe...JazakAllah khairan

  2. seems very easy recipe.. I just checked you blog yesterday and thought where are you these days:)good to see you back ruxana...

  3. Nice to see you back in action dear .. but do not exert yourself. Health comes first. Thanks for sharing this simple and nice recipe. Never tasted it.

  4. I have never heard kiska before but looks delicious ruxana ... take care of yourself dear..


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