Monday, December 10, 2018

Shirini Kishmishi- Iranian Raisins Cookies

Again another 10th of the month and yes time for our MFB Challenge.This time it's to prepare an Iranian dish.While browsing through their cuisine I found so many rice varieties and Kebabs.And I planned to do Kebab.But suddenly we made a plan to go to India for two weeks as the children have a two weeks break for  Winter.As we didn't go to India for the Summer vacation we that time itself had in mind we'll go during winter vacation,but fixing the date took time...

So keeping this in mind we don't buy groceries in bulk,other than what is needed on daily basis.So I thought I will prepare something with whatever I have or what is left in the pantry to finish off.
These Persian cookies are one of the famous cookies in Iran.The recipe is so simple with very little ingredients.It tasted more of a dense cake filled with Raisins on every single bite.I added with whatever raisins was left with me.After I baked the first batch I found no raisins projected on top,so for the second batch after I scooped out the batter on the tray I added some raisins on top(may be it was because I used very little of them).So you will find two different looking cookies in my image.

Butter 110 g(at room temperature)
Powdered sugar  1 cup minus 1 tsp
Eggs  2 
APF/Maida   11/4 cup + 1 tsp
Raisins   3/4 cup (I used 1/2 cup)
Vanilla essence  1/4 tsp
Salt  a pinch
-In a wide bowl add butter and sugar and using an electric beater beat till creamy (pale and fluffy)  .
-Add the eggs one at a time and beat well after each addition till incorporated .
-Now add in the vanilla essence and salt.
-Reduce the speed of the beater (at the lowest) and slowly add in the flour.Once mixed well switch off the electric beater and add the Raisins.Using a spatula fold in the raisins. 
-Line a baking pan with butter paper and scoop out two tsp of the batter on it spacing them 11/2 - 2 inches apart.
-Place it in the preheated oven at 160-170 degree for 12-15 minutes till the sides turn brown.
-Once done let it cool completely and then serve.Tastes best the next day. 


  1. very interesting cookie with raisins..yumm

  2. They are so easy to make and look very yum as well :)

  3. Oh yum! This cookie I am sure will run very well with my raisin monster Azza... I am just glad you still managed to participate with whatever you had... :) They look so good with that cup of sulaimani...

  4. looks nice. will go nicely with a cup of tea or coffee .

  5. lovely & delicious cookies.........happy new year.

  6. Wow! They look so good. I am bookmarking this recipe. thanks for sharing :)


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