Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special Layered Chapathi


Today's recipe is a multi layered Chapathi .Usually we get to see layers on porottas(Kerala) ,but this one is done on Chappatis.Here is the recipe:
Whole wheat flour         3 cups
All purpose flour (Maida)  1/2 cup(optional)
Salt                      3/4 tsp(accord. to taste)
Water (lukewarm)      for kneading
oil                       1 tbsp(used while kneading dough)
Ghee /oil            2-3 tbsp(used for spreading on the rolled chapathi)

- In a bowl add the wheat flour,maida,salt,oil and mix.
- Add enough water to knead the flour.
- Knead well to make a soft dough,cover and let it rest for 15 minutes.

- Make small balls out of this.
- Now take one ball, place it on the rolling board and flatten it into a round shape.       
- Spread little ghee/oil on top.
- Now make pleats (like how you do for hand-made paper fans)
- After making pleats, from one end start turning it into a spiral form and tuck  the end.
- Again roll this into a chapathi.
- Heat a pan (tawa) to medium-high flame, when hot put the chapathi on it.
- Cook on both sides until done.Drizzle oil in between.
- when 2-3 chapathi's are done put them together and using both hands,chapathis in between, pat the sides. 
-Layered Chapathis are ready to serve
- Serve hot with vegetable or chicken curry.

*Use dry flour while rolling the chapathi,so that the dough does not stick to the rolling pin or the board.
*But don't use too much dry flour,as it makes the chapathi dry.

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