Friday, September 7, 2012

Stuffed Chilli Bajji

Today I thought I will add some stuffed recipe.So here is a recipe I got from my sister which I thought I will share with all of you.It is a snack item,stuffed chillies.Here's the recipe :

Green Chillies      10-12 nos (slit vertically,keeping the ends intact)
Refined oil          for deep frying
For stuffing:
1.Cooked  & shredded Chicken      1 cup
 (While cooking add a little turmeric powder & salt in the chicken)
2.Mayonnaise                 3-4 tbsp
3.Carrot (finely shredded)        1/4 cup
4.Cabbage (finely chopped )      1/4 cup
Add all these(1 to 4 ingredients) together in a bowl and mix well with a spoon
For the batter:
Besan                        11/2 cup
Garlic paste               3/4 tsp
Curry leaves (chopped)    2 sprig
Salt                    1/4 tsp(according to taste)                        
Water           as needed(1/2 to 1 cup )  
 In a bowl add all the ingredients to make a smooth thick batter.
-Remove the seeds,clean the inside of the chilly using spoon or knife,making space for the stuffing.
-Fill the stuffing inside the slit chillies 
-Now heat the oil
-Dip the stuffed chillies in the batter,coating completely.
-Fry these till golden brown.                                                  

*These are special chillies used in making Bhajis & are mostly found in Indian supermarkets
*You can make any other stuffing according to your taste;but be careful to use a binding or anything  creamy like how I used Mayonnaise.
*You can also prepare these chilly bajji without any stuffing.

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