Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coconut Rice/Thenga Choru

Coconut rice is made different in different parts.In some places it is made using shredded coconut while in others adding spices.My mother cooks it using coconut milk.I got this recipe from her.

This rice is fully cooked in coconut milk adding just turmeric powder and salt,no other flavors are used.Therefore each grain will have that complete Coconut taste.Use only Par boiled rice and not Basmati.Its an easy recipe:

Par boiled rice                2 cups
Coconut (shredded)        1 full coconut
Water                           6 cups
Turmeric powder            1 tsp
Salt                             1 tsp
-Extract coconut milk from the given amount of shredded coconut and water(it makes about 7 cups of coconut milk)
-In a cooking vessel pour this coconut milk and heat.
-When it is a little hot itself add the rice.
-Add salt and turmeric powder.
-Stir, mix and cover with a lid.
-Stir at intervals and once the water is absorbed you can flip the rice one or two times till the rice is completely cooked(soft)
Step by step:

*You can extract coconut milk by adding water and shredded coconut in a blender,blend  and then strain the milk using a strainer.
*When you add turmeric powder directly into the hot mix,it may form lumps so take 1/2 cup coconut milk ,add turmeric powder,mix well, then add this to the whole milk.
*This dish tastes well without any curry and just a chicken or prawns fry or pickles.

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