Monday, October 1, 2012

Pazham Vaatiyathu/Golden Banana(Plantain) Fry

My mother used to  tell me when I was small she used to prepare this for me often,because no other way I ate Bananas/Plantains.But I think I loved these to eat up the sugar coated on them as that is what I find my kids doing now.

This is a very simple recipe which is prepared in our place when sudden guests arrive at tea time.Similar to the cuttings of  pazham pori.Only thing, batter is not used,instead sugar is sprinkled on top. Sometimes while frying Pazhampori,if the batter is finished and the cut Plantain pieces are left then we add the pieces to the oil and fry ...see as simple as that :)
Ripe Plantain(not over ripe)     1 
Ghee/Oil     for shallow frying
Sugar     to sprinkle on top(optional)
-Cut the Plantain into half and again cut each half vertically into 4 to 5 slices.
-Heat Ghee or Oil in a pan.
-Fry the slices on both sides till golden brown.
-Place them on the serving plate and sprinkle sugar on top and serve.
*Usually these are fried in ghee,but mostly I use oil.Fry on medium- high flame,otherwise they get soggy and absorbs oil.
*If preparing for kids ,you can use Ghee (2-3 tbsp) in a small frying pan,flip them on both sides till golden in color.

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  1. Very innovative and nice snack Ruxana.. Looks tempting :-)


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