Friday, October 26, 2012

Rice Kheer/Rice Payasam

Rice kheer is a very delicious and easy to prepare dessert.Mostly it is prepared just using rice,milk and sugar,but I make it using Condensed milk.Also I use my Pressure cooker to prepared this kheer,so that the rice gets cooked easily.Usually Basmati rice is used,but here I have used jeerakasala (short grains) which gives it a nice aroma within the cooked rice.But that is completely optional ,you can go ahead with the Basmati itself.On to the recipe:
Basmati Rice      3/4 cup
Water                 3 cups
Condensed milk   1 tin
Sugar (if needed)  3 tbsp
Cardamom           2  
Milk                    3 cups
For Garnishing
Ghee      1 tsp
Cashew nuts  a few  
Raisins  a few
Almonds sliced a few  

Cooking Method
-Heat a pressure cooker adding water,rice and cardamom.
-Close the lid and wait for 2 whistles.
-When the steam goes;open the lid,mash the cooked rice a little and add the condensed milk.Mix well.
-Now add milk and sugar, stir continuously till the milk boils  along with rice. 
-Remove from the flame.   
-Now heat a pan,add ghee and fry the cashew nuts and raisins .
-Add this to the kheer along with the Almonds and serve.

*If the kheer is too thick you can add again 1 cup of boiled milk.

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  1. Thanks for linking.Yummy recipe..

  2. Mouth-watering.. Kheer is one of my favorite dishes Ruxana.. Wish I could eat it RIGHT NOW :-)


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