Saturday, October 13, 2012

Green Chammanthi

This is often served as a side dish for Biriyanis .There are different types of Chammanthi.Coconut is the base for most of the chammanthi.


1.Coconut scrapped                 half of one whole coconut
2.Coriander leaves(chopped)     1/2 cup
3.Mint leaves                         5-6 leaves
4.Green Chillies                      2-3
5.Garlic cloves                        2-3
6.Ginger                                small piece
7.Shallots                             3-4
8.Salt                                   to taste
9.Lime juice                         of 1 lime


-Grind all the ingredients from 1 to7.
-Now add salt and lime juice to this mixture and mix properly.
-Ready to serve.

*You can either grind this into a smooth texture or into a coarse grind texture,whichever way you prefer.

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