Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich

After a two months break here we are back with the MFB Challenge.And this time the theme was 'Back to school lunch box ideas'.Yes one question all moms face -what to pack for their kids box!.Even if ones child has been going to school for years daily this question arises hehe...
In India as the children reach only by evening time ,I have seen my sisters packing rice for them.They try different rice varieties and pack.Sometimes its the plain rice with a little curry and a fry an Egg omelette etc.Sometimes they have a theme as what to bring to school on such and such day as part of healthy eating like a vegetable day,Legumes day etc..I found that interesting but my sisters found that a headache.In the Middle East the children go to school so early that most of them don't even eat anything in the mornings.But they come home by afternoon and can have their lunch.So it's mostly breakfast items stuffed in their boxes.
Here my kids like having Sandwiches for their break time.I do make Idlis or Dosa and sometimes Poori and bhaji,but mostly it is sandwiches or Bakes they prefer.I try making sandwiches with different fillings.Today's recipe is a Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich which my kids love to the core.Now to the recipe:

Bread   6 slices
Chicken Breast  (cooked with a little pepper powder and salt and then shredded)  1 cup
Mayonnaise  1/2 cup (you can add more if you like)
Cucumber    1 small sliced 
Lettuce leaves chopped  3/4 cup
Pepper powder  1/4 tsp
Sugar   a generous pinch
Butter  as needed (optional)
-In a bowl add the Mayonnaise Pepper powder and sugar.Whisk it well.Add the shredded chicken pieces,sliced cucumber pieces and the Lettuce leaves.Mix to combine.
-Now apply a little butter on one side of the bread add a tablespoon of the filling and spread well on all sides.Top it with another buttered slice of bread.Repeat the same with all the bread slices.
-Remove the crust and cut into halves.Serve.


  1. So easy to make and kids will definitely love them :)

  2. Some point of time I agree with your sis... he's bit difficult to pack two boxes daily snack and lunch especially when you are in hurry...:).. I loved this quick sandwich recipe

  3. Perfect sandwich recipe for kids lunch boxes!

  4. My kids also prefer bread in their box, anything otherwise has to be something that they would love to eat! This sandwich is always a winner, I do it in the toaster so that it doesn't come off... :)

  5. nice recipe, very easy sandwich, I also prepare often this chicken mayo for our sons .

  6. Adding Mayo adds great taste to the food!! And loved this recipe of yours!!


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