Monday, November 20, 2017

Carrot and Papaya Smoothie

I have already mentioned how I love juicing my fruits.Here the afternoons are still very hot.Yesterday my Hubby came home in the afternoon after a meeting and asked if there was something to drink hinting for a juice or milkshake :) searching the refrigerator what I could find was only half of a Papaya.He loves Papaya like anything so I thought I will cut them and serve.
But when I started cubing the Papaya I saw the bowl covered with the lid and so I got my next ingredient for this smoothie.It was the leftover cooked Carrot pieces.Today morning I had prepared the Carrot Pola for the kids.With the intention of preparing two Polas,one for the kids and one for us,I had already boiled the Carrots and kept but when the children left for school I felt lazy and thought I will do it for the evening snack.But now it goes into my Smoothie.

Carrot    1 medium
Papaya cubed  3/4 cup
Milk   11/4 cup(chilled)
Sugar or honey  2 spoon
-Scrape the skin of the Carrot and cut it into 3-4 pieces.Steam or pressure cook this for 2 whistles or till soft.Peel and remove the seeds of the Papaya and then cube.
-In a blender add the cooled Carrot pieces along with all other ingredients and blitz till smooth.Serve immediately. 


  1. Love the colour..smoothie looks great

  2. I have made papaya juice but never would have thought of adding a carrot in. Looks delicious

  3. Refreshing and healthy! Can't wait to try this soon :) Thanks for sharing with us.


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