Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Muttapathal/Kuthappam - Malabar style PanCakes

When in Kerala some mornings Umma makes crepes/Dosa using APF or Wheat flour,it is when no men are at home.And for these I or my siblings and our little ones need no curry as a side, a little ghee spread on it along with a sprinkle of sugar and rolled will do.But sometimes from that simple crepes we prefer these Muttapathal which is cooked on a manchatty(clay pot).Actually we cannot say its a clay pot because it's more of a lid type or pan made of clay.
This lid is first used to cover boiling water or cooking rice.This is done for many days and then only it is used to make these Muttapathal.New ones tend to stick.Also grease it well with coconut oil etc.The pan should be made perfect before using it to make these.
              My Children call it as Kuthappam due to those numerous holes in them but commonly it is  known as Muttapathal in our place.There are other terms also used for this like the ottappam ,Muttapathiri ect.This can be prepared very easily with just a very few ingredients.This is usually prepared on virakaduppu(Wood fire).The combination for this is thick sweetened Coconut milk or you can use any curry you prefer.This is so soft and spongy,even without using any leavening agent.And we all like dunking this in the sweetened coconut milk and eating as it absorbs the whole milk.The person preparing the coconut milk gets fed up and a limit is kept on taking it hehe :)
On to the recipe 
All Purpose Flour  2 cups
Eggs   2 nos.
Salt  1/4 tsp
Water    11/4 cup approx. (to make a semi thick batter)
- In a bowl break the eggs and whisk it lightly adding salt and water.
-Now add in the flour and whisk properly without any lumps,if too thick you can add a little more water.
-In the meantime heat the clay pot.Grease it using a stem of banana leaf or simply a little oil.
-Now pour in the batter and cover it using any lid.After 5-6 minutes open the lid ,you will find the holes and when you find it fully cooked remove it from the pan.Continue with rest of the batter and serve it with sweetened coconut milk.


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