Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chakkakuru Unda/Jackfruit Seeds Sweet Balls

Jack fruits are in season again.And as usual after eating the sweet fruit the seeds are reserved.I have already prepared dishes with the Jack fruit seeds like the Jack fruit seed fry and the stir fry (thoran).Today's recipe is very simple sweet snack made of these seeds.
During our childhood days ,these sweet snack was made mostly in one of my cousin's house.When I and my other cousins go to her house,if it's the Jack fruit season,she brings one bowl of de seeded fruit and in another plate she brings this sweet.Within minutes it will be gobbled.On to the recipe:
Jack fruit seeds  11/2 cup (skin removed and cooked till soft)
Sugar   4-5 tbsp
Coconut grated  1/2 cup
-Mash the seeds well.
-In a bowl mix together the grated coconut and sugar.
-Now add the mashed seeds and combine all together.Make balls and refrigerate for sometime and serve.


  1. I have made these a few times and love them... only problem is we need to eat it quick before it gets spoiled...

  2. This is interesting and it sounds good. I love Jack fruits. We usually boil the seeds in water and salt until soft. We then peel off the skin before eating the seeds.

  3. I just make kootu with jackfruit seed this s new to me. Anything that's s sweet I m in will try when I buy jackfruit

  4. Wow we just roast the seeds and eat them this is a completely new recipe for me

  5. Yum! I like everything that goes into this unda! :-P There won't be anything left over - I will eat all day while walking up and down from kitchen to rooms. :-)

  6. Priya @asmallbite
    New recipe for me,will try it soon.Very nice share....

  7. I love it.. I am so much tempted to pick it off the screen and have it

  8. This is new to me, the sweet balls look delicious..


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