Monday, April 16, 2018

Carrot Burfi

Few days back,for lunch we had some leftover Biriyani(It was prepared the previous day).Suddenly my hubby called me from his company at 1 pm and told his sister's husband would also be accompanying him for lunch.Actually he was planning to go to a hotel after meeting my Hubby but my H forced him to come home and also told him,the only problem was it was the previous day's biriyani.But he being a very humble and friendly person had no problem with that but his doubt was, would there be enough for every one?To which my dear Hubby replied,she has no 'kanakk'(measurement) in cooking.Now that wasn't a compliment anyway,but I had no time to reply for that ;)
It would only take 15 to 20 minutes for them to reach home,so I quickly made some Carrot raita and already there was some homemade pickles to serve as side for the biriyani.Then thought of making something sweet/dessert and searched my pantry for vermicelli but as I doubted it was empty.Suddenly my eyes fell on the shredded carrots on the cutting board used for the Raita.So with the available milk and nuts I quickly prepared this Burfi.As I prepared it very little that day there wasn't much left for the kids and for my blog photography.So the next day itself I prepared it again and here it is: a rich and delicious burfi.

Carrot 300 gms (finely shredded)
Milk  11/4 cup
Sugar 1/4 cup
Ghee 2 tsp + to grease the tray
Cardamom   1/2 tsp
Milk powder  3 tbsp
Cashew nut powder 1/4 cup
Cashew nut  a few (to garnish)
- In a wide non stick pan heat ghee and fry the Cashew nuts till golden brown and keep it aside.
-In the same ghee add the shredded carrot and saute for a minute and add the milk to this.
-Keep stirring at intervals on medium flame till the milk reduces,now add in the sugar and cardamom powder.You can lower the flame.
-After the sugar dissolves well,add the milk powder and stir without any lumps.
-Add the powdered cashew nut and the remaining 1 tsp of ghee and mix well till every thing combines well.
-Transfer the whole thing into a greased tray and garnish with the fried cashew nuts.
-When cooled cut into squares and serve.


  1. this barfi looks delish and i am familier with the process as well but you know still i didn't try carrot barfi yet.. thanks a lot for reminding.
    have good day!

  2. Delicious perfect carrot burfi love it.

  3. ooh never heard of carrot barfi, always had the carrot halwa. this looks yummy

  4. Looks good! You are a fast worker and you can just prepare food for a surprised guest with such short notice!

  5. Saving this for winters!! Will help with portion control as opposed to Gajar ka halwa ;)


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