Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vermicelli-Coconut Burfi

After my Carrot Burfi,here I am again with a Burfi.This is a very easy to make sweet without any complication,with Vermicelli and coconut as the main ingredient.If you have Vermicelli in your pantry,and you crave for something sweet  and not a Payasam then this is a very good option.

I have already mentioned about a Tajweed class I attend.The class time is mostly during the evening hours.It's a group consisting of 10 to 12 ladies,also there is another batch on another day of the week.During this class always there will be one or the other who brings home made snacks and tea.So after the class we all enjoy this eating and talking to our teacher who stays very far and comes all the way for us.Actually our teacher is the one who brings snacks most of the time and this Burfi is also which she had brought once and shared the recipe.Now on to the recipe
Vermicelli 1 cup
Coconut 1/2 to 3/4 cup
Sugar   1/4 cup
Saffron  a generous pinch
Water    11/4 cup
Ghee  1 tsp
Cashew nuts  as needed for garnishing
Raisins  (optional)   ''         '' 

-Heat a frying pan,add ghee and fry the cashew nuts and raisins and keep this aside.Now in the same ghee add the vermicelli and saute for a minute.Keep this also aside.
-Now in the same pan add water and sugar.When it starts boiling add saffron and let the sugar dissolve completely.
-Now add the roasted vermicelli and the Coconut.Mix well till the water is evaporated completely and the vermicelli is cooked well.
-Remove from flame and transfer this into a greased tray and garnish with Cashew nuts and raisins.
-When cooled cut into pieces and serve.

*I have used 11/4 cup of water here but if your Vermicelli doesn't get cooked well you can add extra 1/4 cup hot water.

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  1. This barfi sounds really delicious... a nice one for parties... thank you for sharing it with us. Lovely to know that the Quran class is made more interesting with chai and snacks... :)

  2. I never tried semiya barfi.. This is new to me.. I happy to know about this recipe.

  3. Vermicelli sweets are one of my favourites!! They are so easy to make!! Loved your recipe as well..


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